Simple And Raw.

There be a slight confusion
over a matter simple and raw
there need be no distraction
as it appears there is no flaw
yet there arose a protest
claiming to be agnostic
that does not require  any test
but brought with it a direction Agnostic Front - Working Class Heroes (1)hypnotic
condemning the doers to a punishment
comparing the event to an irrelevant  episode
wherein lay a junk of derailment
that erased the whole thing without a code.


Vibrancy Keeps Going.

Vibrancy has been keeping me going.
Moving out has been a way out
Physical outlandish has been not in my cup
Mental wandering is my sip always
Thinking of one now following suite another
with a short intervals in between
certain times take me a little away.
Swayed away by thoughts I go one into another
while one is taking shape the other collides
giving me a better option and a proposition
bringing delight on most occasions
also landing me in dilemma in other times
Well,that has been how I sustain
with ideas and ideals crowding
with actions and moves gathering
getting into the stream by hopping
out of compulsion and necessitynight dreams
unusually not my way of doing.

Actions Enrichment Experience insecure Study subscriptions technology Theory thoughts Wisdom Wish

A call From A Mobile Phone.

Mobile phone is called as cell phone in some parts of the world,

Cell phone is  referred as hand phone in other parts of the world,

It is a phone lying unattended somewhere in my world


Mobile phones have made great strides recently,

Everyone has it even during his ride definitely,

Exposing his life to a an alarming danger certainly.


People can reach us wherever we are is a plus

They can trouble us from wherever they are is a minus,

Keep us posted of  wanted and unwanted news is a trespass.


 All said and done to me, far from being useful it is just handy ,

 All for the matter to me it is expensive but small and funny,

All the much so to me it is  a gadget that remains a mystery.


Do I really need a mobile is my call?

Ma ,you should possess one is my boys call,

I do not need one as I rarely move out is my call.


Factually,my life is a movement  from one room to another,

I never venture out of my home  at any cost how so ever,

A mobile is an unnecessary to a home bird like me all so ever.


I do own a mobile,I know not for what,

I placed it in my cupboard from the day I bought,

It rings and dies with no attention brought.