Monthly Archives: June 2017

The Love Story

It is a merger
that of hearts
a love story.

Not one of
man and woman
still, a love story.

Not between
a friend and another
yet, a love story.

Not that of
the siblings
but a love story.

Signifying the love
of a mother and the child
a curious story.

Her love is boundless.
The child’s overflowing.
a glorious communion.

One without expectation
express a graceful look
and of a kind reciprocal.





I enter my buddy’s house.
It wears a deserted look.
Is there anyone at all? I yell
I encounter a silence.

Called once again,
Face a quietude.
I go back.
A sound stops me.

The sound is shrill. Not a man’s
I move in haste.
Could be a ghost? I presume.
I run.

The voice echoes
through the avenue. I hold on.
Nothing inauspicious in the lineup.

Concerned, I go onward.
The expression is a wee behind.
Terrified, I sit down in a corner.
The voice trails.

My heart pounds.
A parrot nudges close.
I attempt to fondle her.
She talks incessantly.

Is this not the one I heard so long?
I chuckle.  Crazy







Marriage is a binding.
Male and female unite,
a synthesis of any two objects
a symbiosis of two events
one could continue with many.

Considering the union
the sensuous element overwhelms
the sanctity is beyond that
a will and an earnestness
to perpetuate the genre pervades.

It is private. Thematizing
the amalgam is bizarre.







Art And Literature

Enthusiastic about art and literature
I become mad when I look at and read
any of these artistic features.

The desire swells as I grow grey
am allured by the exquisite.
I understand it is beyond the sway.

I slither out of the sensuous.
The perspective demands a restraint
but they are sacrilegious

 Romanticism is an artistic movement

where aesthetics play a  discerning role.
Control should be the rudiment.

Excessive sensuality revealed in expressions
might be  enjoyable  to a few, while many
stay from such sexual derelictions


An Embarrassment

The vacant eyes, a sullen countenance,
a minimalist solicitation,
forces an embarrassment.

Her face is impassive. I sit quietly.
She hurries to the pantry.
Sticks around for a while.

Places the refreshments and drink
before me. The gestures are
one of indifference.

I gift her a diamond ring. Turning back
I meet her gaze which I return,
The refreshments lie untouched.


Lava Cake

My chef is manageable
most days: turns unruly on circumstances
when he needs to be told to behave.

He prepares delicious stuff.
for the arriving guests.
Lays the table with crispy potato fries,
salad greens, eggplant kofta, garlic and onion broth
spinach stew and raita.

Dressed in sparkling white,
with a sterling ladle and a smile
he orchestrates the soup service,
briskly, yet without spilling a drop.

Then swiftly to the pantry to fetch rice,
instead, abruptly strikes a fight with the maid.
yells at her for no cause.
She retorts loudly.

The help is erupting
the flow of the household.
The alarmed company look to leave.

I turn up the ambience music.
fast-walk to the cuisine. With my eyes
silence the housemaid and stare down the cook.

The volcano immediately subsides.
The chef and the maid cool and resume,
catering to the guests at ease in our home.

Those Two Eyes

I engage in a buffet.
The great number of the courses
are Greek and Latin.

The premier dish is a chaat
a blend of chopped onion,
carrot, chilli, tamarind extract
over a Dahi Batata Puri.

I pick up a considerable helping.
The first spoon of this fusion
gets stuck in the gullet. An extraordinary
taste lingers. I keep aside.

Smitten by an uncomfortable sensation,
I turn back. Two large eyes
stare at me. A toothy grin
adds up to the uneasiness. I move fast,
mingle with the crowd.

Relaxed, I settle back in a corner.
The eyes watch me from further away.
I thrust my meals and speed
The eyes run behind.
I hop into the station wagon
head for in tremendous rapidity.

The perceptions and the simper
haunt me. I arrive home. Bolt the door
and clamber into my couch.
I stay intimidated.