Those Two Eyes

I engage in a buffet.
The great number of the courses
are Greek and Latin.

The premier dish is a chaat
a blend of chopped onion,
carrot, chilli, tamarind extract
over a Dahi Batata Puri.

I pick up a considerable helping.
The first spoon of this fusion
gets stuck in the gullet. An extraordinary
taste lingers. I keep aside.

Smitten by an uncomfortable sensation,
I turn back. Two large eyes
stare at me. A toothy grin
adds up to the uneasiness. I move fast,
mingle with the crowd.

Relaxed, I settle back in a corner.
The eyes watch me from further away.
I thrust my meals and speed
The eyes run behind.
I hop into the station wagon
head for in tremendous rapidity.

The perceptions and the simper
haunt me. I arrive home. Bolt the door
and clamber into my couch.
I stay intimidated.