Lava Cake

My chef is manageable
most days: turns unruly on circumstances
when he needs to be told to behave.

He prepares delicious stuff.
for the arriving guests.
Lays the table with crispy potato fries,
salad greens, eggplant kofta, garlic and onion broth
spinach stew and raita.

Dressed in sparkling white,
with a sterling ladle and a smile
he orchestrates the soup service,
briskly, yet without spilling a drop.

Then swiftly to the pantry to fetch rice,
instead, abruptly strikes a fight with the maid.
yells at her for no cause.
She retorts loudly.

The help is erupting
the flow of the household.
The alarmed company look to leave.

I turn up the ambience music.
fast-walk to the cuisine. With my eyes
silence the housemaid and stare down the cook.

The volcano immediately subsides.
The chef and the maid cool and resume,
catering to the guests at ease in our home.