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As The Age Goes.

I am going to be ten
jolly well cries my grand-daughter.

I am going to be twenty
cries  my nephew with joy.

I  would be thirty plus
beams my son with pride.

I am turning forty
tells my brother softly.

I am on my way to fifty
speaks my cousin meekly.

Well, I would be sixty soon
say I demurely .

Well as the age goes
the people grow
so do their voice  show
from high to low
with a mellow
that be the go
as years flow
taking us nearer to the grave
turning stoic and brave.

The Genuine Work Of Art.

download (36)The flower over there 

looks from there

blooming in the sun shine

holding us in a  bind.


Having not  thought of attracting

it blossoms with no thinking

delighting the onlooker  great

never once bargaining the rate.


Any work of art might it be

great or small let it be

should command the views

never  advertise any clues.

They be recognised for their merit

get across the board in  credit

let not they be thrown out for propaganda

as that could destroy their agenda.


The  part that which comes up for sale

acquires a look haggard and pale

with  selling becoming the motive

there is no grade in the retrieve.


Bees go to the flower for honey

birds surround the trees for fruits  though tiny

that be the procedure all through

with works of art more true.

My Company

Straightening my neck which is aching

I see through my window with a longing

as the window shows me the world

not that world that everyone sees

but my own world of trees and plants

birds and monkeys all around

busy going about with their work

not bothered about rain or shine

nor about rumour or slander

the birds fly about  with a search

the monkeys along with a hunt

do some jolly good pranks

all of them keep me entertaining

and I feel blessed and pleased

as being with them relieve

my neck in specific

and assuage my mind  in general monkeys and birds on trees


The Year Of The Horse

The chinese over here 

 are chinesegoing gay with New Year

being in malaysia for generations together

far away from their mainland

 firing crackers and enjoying

 going to the temples and praying

 that being the Year of the Horse


where everything would go in a gallop

as the astrologers predict

there could be volcano eruptions

and unrest among the people

conflicts would mount

tensions would prevail

with business not so glittering

while the lumber  business

would prosper  and thrive

there be a lie down

for those born in the year of Horse

as the Ying-Yang is not balanced

with the Chinese astrologers

giving all sorts of cautions

but the year has begun

let us wait for another twelve months

and find out what is in store

The Exertion And Exhaustion

The physical exertion

makes the body tired

the limbs go aching

the joints cry for rest

the bending and straightening

takes the toll  in a grip tired

with the perspiration huge

the body loses its power

becoming a sordid  waste.



The mind in its full exercise

calls for a rest almost  pressing

as being totally exhausted

with thinking and planning

strategical and provisional

how to get along smooth

and how to execute carefully

that becomes an obsession

taking the life out  to a naught


The Farm

Been in the farm

which was out of form

having layers in form

that have to be cleared from form

needing to establish the form

had to work in full form

without any let out in form

accomplished the redoing  to fullest form

thus restoring the farm

back to its original form

then left the farm

with a  satisfaction in absolute form

that of bringing back to form.





The Wiping Of Tears

The drama which men put up

 not on the stage , I mean

 but in real life , I indicate

 without rehearsals and  demonstrations

 that comes naturally in the flow 

enacted with such speciality in the wing

taking  not much attention to perform

doing it all by the wink of the eye

 tracing the feelings to the full

 crying with feelings and  shedding tearswiping of tears

 breaking down and wiping the eyes

 sobbing and whimpering all the more

exclaiming  with a surprise

 amazing it looks to see them do 

 going by the apparent it is deadly pathetic

 getting into the depth realise a drama

 where there is no truth

being there no place for pathos

 it being all a melodrama  in the go.