The Take Be Yours

The take we have in life

let be our own  and self

not be depended on any other

with a broad spectrum  convincing

that be one of a perception  large

considering the major  proposition

discarding the minor  proportions

framing a distinct program

encompassing the values and intentions

that would take us high up in stride

never mind the rumours and  talks

that go around  settling a set back

be that our goal all through

none could pull us from the status

where we are placed in comfort

seeking peace and contentment.








Actions break Evolution Experience learning Lesson

Pressure Of Kind.

The head started to ache.

The  pressure  was on all sides.

It was a horrible take.

Everything went against the tides.

The exertion was unbearable to take.

There was none to guide.

The living was only for sake.

It was difficult to ride.

Would the pressure turn out to be a break?

Would it work out to be a long abide?

Nothing seem to be  conducive in the track.

All looks incredibly black.