Search Not A Needle.

Search not a needle in the haystack
a maxim of great consideration.
Try not to seek justice
in the crowd of frauds.
They would track and retrace
juggle and manipulate
many a time and many a manner
a deceit practised with avidity
let them go as far as they can
wrap up the issues as fast as you can
prolonging would turn detrimental.



Desire Ushers A Follow.

Falling back into the track
slowly with a slack
pushing the issues in the back
getting ahead in a crack.

Liking to set eyes on the going
Harness the potential in a buoying.
Learning to note from the ongoing
Trying to keep pace with the moving.

With the desire comes the follow
without it all would become hollow.
then it would appear like a shallow
and sink into the oblivion far below.

Along with the follow enters the dedication.
It calls for a straight intervention.
Working hard on the directions
it draws an inimitable resolution.desire


The Right Track.

Having lost sight of the track
had to go in search of the track
to find the exact trackimages (20)
got on to lot of unwanted tracks
and it was difficult to track
the right feasible track
finally got into the right track
and then proceeded into the track
to reach the destination on track.

Actions break Evolution Experience learning Lesson

Pressure Of Kind.

The head started to ache.

The  pressure  was on all sides.

It was a horrible take.

Everything went against the tides.

The exertion was unbearable to take.

There was none to guide.

The living was only for sake.

It was difficult to ride.

Would the pressure turn out to be a break?

Would it work out to be a long abide?

Nothing seem to be  conducive in the track.

All looks incredibly black.