Monthly Archives: September 2019

The world spins

The one looks like a park
well kept and manicured,
while the other that
of a playground
empty and dry.

A description accurate
that of plantations
tended by siblings, one
reflects the involvement
the other shows a squander.

Indulgence causes expenditure
earns revenue handsome
being a feast to the eyes
adds charm to the environment
on the whole a silver touch.

Negligence invites no costs
gives paltry income
a gross eyesore
with patches and potholes
turns ugly and out of context.

The distinctions visible
to any commoner
sources to be an enchantment
and aggrievement. With that
goes the world in a spin

Merit Or Credit Whatsoever

It is early in the morning
my eyes start roving
while the body is at rest.

Unwilling to rise up
the mind travels
back and forth.

Being a syndrome
of late, I recall
the past

Knowing very well
there could be no validity
to think of the bygone.

Unable to suppress
the thoughts I turn

At times I laugh,
other times cry
little dramatic in all.

The duties, not
so pressing as of before,
call me.

Reluctantly I get up
perform the chores
with far less attention.

Meticulous I had been,
now I am a shadow
of what I was.

Such being the status
I carry on with no merit
or credit whatsoever.

How Many Faces?

Had been out
the whole morning
quite different
from the usual.

I saw a guy
in his late fifties
medium built
agile and alert
a contractor
into construction.

On my way
dropped in at the solicitors
a burly figure, well read
polite and gentle
senior in his seventies .

Had to go the bank
where I met the Manager,
petite and unassuming
a smile lights up his face
that makes for the
rest of deficiencies.

Next I go to a mobile shop
the owner rounded,
with a thin moustache,
little or no hair in the head,
incredibly short sitting
on a tall stool.

Back home, I rest awhile
the day glides through
the visual impacts
of those I encountered
make me wonder
how many different faces
there could be?

Hope Around The Corner.

Magic like it appears
the brown garden,
with plants half dried
leaves with yellowish hue
thin stems,trees look
weird, bear fruits
without any substantial
flesh, grass seems
like hay,has turned

It is joy to see.
The rounded plants
with shoots of flowers.
leaves in shiny green,
trees are heavy
with lascivious fruits.
grass emulates a gleam
non pareil. The infusion
extends an enchantment,
being a grace.

Looking heavenwards ,
I notice the dark clouds
staying still, ready to come
down as rain. Being the
period of North East monsoon,
the rainfall had been exceptional.
Failure of the rains led
to a pessimistic feel, a kind of
nothingness, Reinforced with
copious rains hope is
around the corner.

Spinning Yarn

Bales of cotton,
cones of yarn
of weft and warp
the varieties of cotton
too many, long staple
and short staple,
superior and inferior,
the yarn in counts
20’s up to 100’s ,
twisted, blended,
all being put
in bay, workers
laid off, factory sheds
lie vacant a stress
on the whole
the affectations
penetrate deep
a dismal context
hard to reconcile.

Quite Unlike Me

Three dimensional
I should say,
having been not enthusiastic
nor enterprising
for a decade or more
I face an onset of performances.

They are not in one place
In regions different,
the primary one in the native town,
which I do not frequent.
Being done out of an hurt
wantonly inflicted.

The country where I
make my livelihood,
an opportunity comes knocking
takes me to an involvement
which I never foresaw.
An indulgence rather!

The final being monetary,
a point of view I learnt recent
keeps me busy all the while
permissions, sanctions
and approvals. being secured
will commence in a month.

The days go by fast
with mornings and evenings
shuttling through the areas
doing one, overseeing the other,
awaiting the results.
Quite unlike me !


A wholesome baby,
plump and bald,
with big eyes,
without a chin
born as a fourth child.

lies pretty
smiling all the way,
a contented child,
as seen from the day
of birth, stays happy
the rest of the years

Two more siblings, boys,
come after her
in an interval
of few years.
add to the bustle.

The family,quite big
with six in the brood,
lives in a huge house
manned and guarded
marked by opulence.

All the siblings
are now in their sixties,
take after their parents
one way or the other
be it in passion or health.

Genetics runs vibrant
while the fourth one
has knee and leg issues
a prognosis found
in her late father.

She inherits the ailment
suffers as he did. Lives
cursing her legs
as her father did,
does with
perfect equation,