Monthly Archives: September 2019

Hey There!

The farthest turns the nearest.
science manipulates
while the poor poets eulogize
all the more,the missile a
and the lander strike.

No more of singing
the beauty of Moon,
the pictures shot
by the rockets
reveal nothing grand.

The planet is another
with crates and rocks
an uneven terrain
not the most known
cheese ball.

The images cease
the excitement. Having
lost the impression,
Moon seems ordinary.,
just like any other object.

An expedition, as such
expensive and a tedium.
staggers to incite,
letting us to reflect
on a sagging silhouette.

A Day of Mine

I have most of the time
for me and for me alone.
I move around the house
with little focus.

I do very little work
cooking and arranging
the house. At times
they turn a bully.

With the wooden doors
windows, and furniture
I stay for a while, till
my helper enters.

I watch him work,
sweep and mop,
clean the cooked vessels,
a bustle bit noisy.

He packs the food
and leaves me
to the old good time
I wait for my spouse.

Once he comes,exists
a hustle and a bustle
then back to the quietening
serenity. The day draws to a close!

That Being Intangible

That which happened,
these which happen,
those that is going to happen,
happen in a flow
not one being under control.

None did expect,
neither do they expect,
nor will they expect,
expectations in a flow
not one being under control.

Incidents take place in the go,
either for the good in the show
or for the bad with a blow,
occur with a flow
not one being under control.

They be as simple as of day to day,
those being intricate in a play,
likely being a pursuit to the stay ,
on the moon, detailed in a flow
not one being under control.

Being so as always.
seen through in many ways.
evolving a phenomenon with grace,
being expressed in a flow,
not one being under control


Hurt and pain deters me.
Have a body and mind
sensitive to the core.

A small prick, one like
the thorny thistle
leaves me sore.

A simple gesture,a sly
smile or a wink
lets me humiliated.

Experiencing the discomfort
without a revelation
is my strength.

My uneasiness remains
invisible to others.
The best of my weakness.

Those others
consider I am thick skinned
continue their chastisement.

Broken I am,
helpless I stay
with untold bruise.

A Twist To The Tale

Being a kind of division
one of properties
where the lands
go through a trisection
looks like long tails.

It has to happen
as the majority
could not find a way proper
the remaining one being
a minority has to accept.

The division being over
comes the difficulties
one after another,
that being very practical
of management in general.

Resigning to the facts
the lone share holder
works the means
for a smooth transition
well aware of the expenses.

Taking possession
the major holders
go ahead to negotiate
sale of the lands
a twist to the tale.

Hearing about the incident
I sense a behaviour
quite strange. Why did
they fight all these years?
and spend hundred thousands.

Bewildering as always!

On The shelves

lie my literature
books.perfectly bounded
neatly covered in

They are my proud
possession, been
with me for years
right from my
college days,

Those days,
how I read line by line
the poems and dramas.
how much I enjoyed,
how well I performed,

History Of English Literature
a wholesome edition,
a bit of a drab, one of facts
posed a challenge, had to go through
with effort to sit for examinations.

As I turn the pages
I go back to my classrooms.
the voice of my professor
reading the play
“AS You Like It” lingers.

It being one of the comedies
of Shakespeare, excites
bears lot of fun,.The professor
becomes involved, thinks herself
as Rosalind, she goes into a frenzy.

As memories crowd ,
I keep back the books
again in order. Might be,
the next time, I reach out
I should spend little more time.

Ah! the good old days.

Not By Either Means

One of a day
without events ,
a kind of a drab,
I see the skies.

They look different,
the bluish tinge
is lost it is dirty brown,
expresses no moves.

Being a rare
phenomenon, I squeeze
my eyes , ponder deep.
scan through the vastness.

Unable to trace
any life factor,
I go through the
weather bulletins.

It reads,there prevails,
a haze. The smoke
from the neighbouring
country encircles.

The way it goes ,
none can stop
either means
by weapons or bilateral talks.