Dishevel Chandra

A creamy white glitter
almost a perfect circle.
smooth and fluffy
embedded in a dark
non metallic like structure
gleams with a brightness,
not dazzling,
catches the eye.

Unable to take the eyes
from the beautiful one,
I gaze at the amazing
feature. Not only I
but many others like me
stuck by the loveliness
drink the milk of grace
with pleasure.

That be of this gracious one,
oscillating prettily,
a resource of bliss and happiness
turns an object of research.
Scientists attempt to reach her.
Few of them have stepped on her
The other one is almost there,
rattling her composure.

Technological progress,
being an achievement,
extends its sway
over the externals.
the zones where
tranquility nestles.
Besieging the graceful Moon
is the latest task, one to
dishevel the transcendental.