A wholesome baby,
plump and bald,
with big eyes,
without a chin
born as a fourth child.

lies pretty
smiling all the way,
a contented child,
as seen from the day
of birth, stays happy
the rest of the years

Two more siblings, boys,
come after her
in an interval
of few years.
add to the bustle.

The family,quite big
with six in the brood,
lives in a huge house
manned and guarded
marked by opulence.

All the siblings
are now in their sixties,
take after their parents
one way or the other
be it in passion or health.

Genetics runs vibrant
while the fourth one
has knee and leg issues
a prognosis found
in her late father.

She inherits the ailment
suffers as he did. Lives
cursing her legs
as her father did,
does with
perfect equation,