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My Approach To Life

Modifications exasperate me.
I alter time and again.
Monoony kills me.
Equated to a nagging in law.

My mind works without a stop.
The thoughts contend.
It is a race in speed.
Akin to a supersonic flight.

Had been so all this while
Unable to restrict myself,
am curious even at this ripe age.
It is my approach to life.


“I cannot believe my eyes,”
Teja screams. She is delighted.

“It is a dream come true,”
she exclaims. She is  elated.

Watching  her is gratifying.
She, in  early sixties,
jumps like a kid.

An Elysa can enthuse her.
A ballon brings immense joy.
She is enlivened by a rose.

Contentment is the king.
Enthusiasm drives her
to the end. She enjoys.

Age does not derail her.
She is brisk, alert, happy
and daring.

The quality makes her shine.







Independence turns
a violence. Massacre
and death stare hard.

Tears of delight and angusih
score the celebration. The British
leave the Indian subcontinent.

The country lies torn.
Hindu Muslim divide
comes into force.

A manipulation
based on religion
achieves the target.

Harmony is lost forever.
Friends become foes.
Freedom hurts at this stage.





The Dogs Make Me Dance

I jump up and down
when I see a pup.
The one with
half closed eyes
whines, while I
yell in a distraught.

It is different
when I see a dog.
I run pulling
the hurt right knee.
The dog chases.
snarls with bared teeth.

I fear none other.
The heart pounds.
It is the dog
and the dog alone
makes me dance.





Forlorn Love

She is in love.
The face glows.
She smiles
for no reason.

She dialogues
with her man.
Confronts, kisses.
Romances in a dream.

Like the clouds
the love drifts
through unknown
pastures. It disappiates.

She turns a shrew Looks
daggers, speaks venom.
A sordid reflection of a
beaten mind.






The Consequent As The Antecedent

A frail Indonesian
with the sharp sickle,
paces up and down, inspects
the propitious fruit. Hooks it
makes a strong pluck. The fruit stays
unaffected. He gets harder. Detects
a slight movement. Holds his breath
involves higher energy this occasion.
The huge fruit tumbles down
like a bombshell.

Awesome! I shout.
It is wonderful. An enigma
Inverse proportion.The strength
and the size, the consequent
as the antecedent. I refer
Euclid, ‘The ratio of the
reciprocals of two quantities”,
force and weight.

I calculate, tabulate,
compute. Interim,
he has harvested
three tons of fruits.





















A Friend Of Honour

Back home the Neem tree
on the north east corner,
looks like a sepoy.

Stands watchful and.
Her imperiousity
apprehends trespassers.

Birds twitter and squirrels
squeal as they go up
and down. Fastidious.

Seasons ensue
a transformation.
Never she seems weary.

She embodies greenery.
Represents myriads
of medical formulas.

Unaware of claims
to patent rights,she
serves the race.

To me she is a friend
of honour, a teacher
with wisdom.






















That Picture

I come across
a photograph of a girl
whose eyes are fish like
express life.

She looks splendid
unable to take my eyes off her remain in a gaze.
A flash back. I remember the face.
Could she be one of my cousins?
I attempt to track.

My mother walks in.
Reads my mind. Enjoying,
settles back on the couch.

I take out the picture from the wall.
Look close at the image. I have deciphered,
I feel it is difficult to ascribe.

Mother pouts her lips.
Shrugs her shoulders, says,
“it is you”. Damn it! I exclaim.

Me! Not me! I yell. Mom is at her wit’s end.
I glance at myself in disbelief.