Know Not Why?

Not of his nature
to be quiet,
he keeps aloof
for reasons unknown.

He teases with a mock,
humiliates with pleasure
displaces anyone
with an ease.

Egoistic and pungent
he is haughty , overthrows
belittles even the smartest,
turns quiet all too soon.

Has he mellowed? I ask.
Is he caught in between?
I ponder for a while.
I find no answer.

Setting aside my deliberations,
I go about my way as though
unconcerned. Lo! his scathing
remarks and jibes do not
allow me to sit in peace.



Children are children
as long as they
are left alone.

They turn adults,
I mean in behaviour
when tutored.

Obvious. as I delineate
a small child very loving
as could be

a week back, behaves
odd recently, distances altogether
shows no recognition.

Incredible it is. Hard to
understand, harder still
to find a reason.

An attitude strange
but true. I am naive.
unaware of such nuances.


An Exasperation

The day seems long
the nights longer,
doing the same thing
day in and day out.
makes me dull.

I foresee nothing great
in days to come,
wake up and sleep
could be the schedule.
boring really.

Never had I experienced
such a moratorium,
a denial and a wait,
one of a universal

The world sleeps
with a discomfort,
rises with an even more
disturbance, a schedule
it has to cope up.

Not the case of a wish
or dislike, whatever
it might be, we have to pass
never pause as the cases
turn to be.


His Geniality

A cool breeze knocks my face,
a relief from the stuffy interiors.
as I sit in the steps the floor warm.

Settling down with strain,
my knees too rigid to bend,
I watch a sturdy young man,

staring through the interludes,
does not seem an intruder
nor he looks familiar.

He stays there for a time
adjusts his mask, removes the gloves
ransacks his bag.

I attempt to get up,
worried, he opens the gate
crosses the driveway.

Gathering myself in panic
I make haste to go inside.
Before I could, he climbs the steps.

Hiding my nervousness, I sport
a smile. He folds his hands in ‘
respect, hands an invitation.

Gently he solicits my presence
requests to bless him
on his wedding.

I curl up. I appear mean
while the young man
showcases reverence.


Off I Fly

I am ordered all times.
Anything I do on my own
turns blasphemous.

It is servitude at the most.
Obey and go being the

It is how I live
nothing to express
none to display.

You can see in me
a being without life.
Should I become a robot?

Mechanism fails at times
but if I falter, a hue
and a cry follows.

Anticipating a cease,
a shutdown, anytime
Off I fly.


Are You Sad?

The day when I was born,
I do not know how I reacted,
or how she felt.

Holding my hand she
walks straight and majestic
to the convent,

the nuns greeted her
took me to the class,
while the Head.

Sister Rose engaged my mom,
briefing her of her school days,
a noteworthy student.

The next day onward
Sister Rose stood at the gate,
took me on her arms.

threw me up in the air,
coaxed me, made me feel
at home.

Mother and daughter
relationship flourished
in terms,

she known for discipline,
never allowed me to move
out of her purview.

I have never seen my mother
break down, Stoic, she remained
at times of trial.

Her speech was measured
while her tone was soft.
She never spoke aloud.

Her skill in music was amazing.
Her buildings are resplendent
of magnificence.

Happy to be born to you, ma,
“I am your daughter who possesses
none of your excellence”.
Are you sad?


Gods Too !

Goddess Meenakshi’s
cheeks blush, her eyes
look down, she plays with her toes
on the floor, her smile
is one of shyness being
teased by her friends.

She longs to get a glimpse
of her prince charming,
Lord Sunderswarar,
fair and handsome
enters the “adi veethi”
followed by the retinue,

Meenakshi, dark in complexion
sees Sundareswarar, Then
she looks at herself, loathes,
feeling let down by her
colour. She is a beauty,
imperious and powerful.

The time approaches,
Meenakshi is full with excitement,
Sunderswarar smiles at her
as he holds her hand, The soft
feather like fingers twine
with the strong ones.

Sunderswararr ties the knot.
Mantras and music
compete with each other.
The crowd go ecstatic.
Flowers from all direction
fall on the newly weds.

As the world is locked down,
Gods have to tie with the human,
Meenakshi and Sunderewarar
get married with few to witness,
to the Vedic chant and music
The grandeur is missed.
Sadness enfolds.


That Of Sleep

That of me,
the sleep I do
can call a nap,
in mid afternoon,
is so fantastic
I cannot ever miss.

The pendulum goes
with a gong marking
one past thirty
wherever I am
my eyes turn heavy, sink
into at transitory death

That being with me
I go to bed at nine
past thirty in the night,
sleep embraces, I turn
oblivious to what happens
around me. I lie dead as a log.

At midnight I get up
stay awake for
two to three hours,
tossing in the bed,
thinking of the past,
and of the future, as if
I am going to live forever.

That is of me,
where slumber
takes the better of me
obviously sailing in the realms
happy, deliberating deep
and shuttling swift between
morn and night.


Men Masked

Living in unsure days,
with every move
being monitored,
one of going out
has become impossible,
the other being indoor
seeing none, washing
the hands how much times
one can, breathing
through a mask,
talking through the same,
the saliva circulates,
hands within the gloves.
one looks like a robot,
with the eyes revealing
a feeling of helplessness,
the world moves on
months together
with infected, recovered
and fatal.


It Is Her Life

She, a senior,
lives alone in a big city.
Has no help. Never attempts
to hire one, .unlike me
who gets upset when the cook
does not turn for work.

She owns no vehicle. Makes sure
to attend every festival,
celebrations on time.
Walks briskly, dines out,
travels in trains and buses,as much of
it looks fresh as a May morning.

I look at her with awe,
try to be like her alert
and agile. I am not a match
to her at any cost. I need
comfort at all much
resemble a dull wintry sky.

The contrast seems so marked.
She, in her eighties, is an inspiration.
Have never seen her sulk, nor find
her caring, It is her life , she says,
Lives as she wishes unperturbed
of what other’s say.