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All Said And Done

All said and done,

There is an undue jubilation,

What for ?I do not know,

Why for ?I  know not.

The revelations get ahead,

Of the normal  course,

Creating a gorgeous retinue,

Of a fine grandeur,

Exhibiting a charming diaspora ,

Of a regal distinction,

Revealing a brimming sequence,

Of a  flourishing  prosperity,

Calling all to a spectacle ,

Of rejoice and fantasy,

Missing the quint essence,

Of humility and rationality,

Faltering on a biased credibility,

Based on inflated pride,

Rendering a melodramatic ,

Regiment of snobbery ,

Culminating in a point end,

Of  hypocrisy and falsity,

Demoralising the existence

Of decency and decorum,

Distinguishing the sensibility ,

Of fact and fiction.




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Laissez Faire Et Laissez passer.


Leave the world as it is,

It will prosper,

Leave the people as they are,

They will succeed,

Leave the economy as it is,

It will grow,

Leave Nature as it is,

It will enhance.



Let not  the government interfere,

In enlightening the world,

Let not the regulations  intervene,

In the life of people.

Let not restrictions complicate,

The growing economy,

Let not Man’s intrusions,

Spoil the beauty of Nature.



Let them move as they wish,

Let them live as they want,

Let  trade and commerce flourish freely,

Let Nature  blossom  without any hassle.

Thus imposing a grandeur and magnificence.





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Widespread Corruption Undermining India’s Economic Gains

Article first published as Widespread Corruption Undermining India’s Economic  Gains on  Blogcritics


Business is for profit, but there are ethics and principles to be followed. 

Doing business in India requires special skills, including a dubious mind and a strong, wicked heart. Ratan Tata, of Tata and sons, has had said that his ambition to get into the aviation business in 1996 was shattered by government bureaucracy. He admitted that he would have had to pay bribes of roughly 15 million Rs (or roughly $3 million). He did not want to do that, so he lost an opportunity. Well, that, in a nutshell, is Indian business.

Of late the business situation has deteriorated greatly, with more and more frauds being exposed. The Satyam computer fraud has reached $2.5 billion. The disgraced former chairman of the Indian outsourcing giant Ramalinga Raju cooked the books and embezzled millions to buy prime real estate in major cities. India hosted the Commonwealth Games 2010 in New Delhi, which revealed a huge corruption scandal in the construction of stadiums, and money-laundering involving a UK firm.

A 2G spectrum financial scandal in the telecommunication and IT ministry under A. Raja is the largest case of political corruption in modern Indian history, amounting to $40 billion lost by the government of India from underpricing. The minister sold the telecom bandwidth on a first come first serve basis to a chosen few vested interests and grossly undervalued it; it should have been put under a transparent auction system.

A few days ago, the Central Bureau of Investigation arrested the CEO of Life Insurance Corporation and three senior executives of public sector banks on allegations of large kickbacks involving a loan scam and trading insider information on companies.

While India is trying to emerge as an economic superpower, these scams and scandals are tearing the ribs of the nation apart. Its reputation as an IT giant and its rising economy are taking a beating. Overseas entrepreneurs will have to think twice before they set foot on Indian soil





































































































































































































































































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Applications Modern.

Writing has taken a form different,

As  scripts are not done by hands,

Reading has assumed a mode different,

As books  are  in e format,

Calculating  is done by a method different,

As calculators do the   mathematical procedure,

Talking is  by an application different,

As the software applicationsallow voice calls,

Finding routes   is by a system different,

As the GPRS tracks the destination,

Heating is  accomplished by a conduction different,

As microwave  adopt dielectric heating,

Washing is carried by a process different,

As separate machine washes laundry and dish,

Opening  doors is worked out by ways different,

As hydraulic fluid is used to operate the movement.

All these create an ease and comfort different,

 By making the use of mind and brain indifferent,

Both forget their  significance  affront,

As they tend to lose their value inherent,

Subduing them as a mere  puppet ,

In the hands of the modern gadget.


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Early In The Morn.

A call early in the morn cracked  the complacency,

A voice of an  old friend broke the  equanimity,

Dispelling the cheer and joy  early in the  morn.


The  conversation   that transpired was disenchanting,

It  logged round an   insensible indecent probing,

Diffusing  briskness and activity  early in the morn.



The  friendly tone was   packed with artifice

The talk  surrounded on  a  preconceived  fix,

Destroying the placidity and sobriety  early in the  morn.




The enquiry was a mischievous query,

Curious to know of an unexpected misery,

Thwarting the ease and comfort  early in the morn.

Suppressing the  burning rage

By keeping  the talk in a nonchalant  range,

Meted  out  both a blow and a thrash   early in the morn.



Why do they engage in such scorn?

Might be it is a quality inborn,

Demoralising  the   demeanour early in the morn.











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Like Brewing Tea

An aromatic fragrance spreads,

As the tea leaves brew ,

A symptomatic  anger  reads,

As the mind  boils.

The  bitterness lurks in the lips ,

As you sip,

The remorse sets  your mood,

As you brood,

The intake of tea rejuvenate,

The body

The  outburst of anger  destroys ,

The mind.

The body and mind clash,

As indignity  crash,

Enacting a demonstration,

Of a vociferous reaction,

Causing a  terrible collision,

Rendering a   serious  concentration,

Of conflict and controversy,

Ascertaining a destruction,

Of soul and spirit.

Brewing tea needs special skill,

Bubbling anger restricts the will.

Settling a macabre  turn to thoughts








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A Crow

Can you call a crow beautiful?

I hear you chuckle,

Why not?I mumble.

Never will I ! you grumble.



A bird with no beauty,

Moves with lot of activity,

Harnessing a lot of sensitivity,

Over the multitudes in society,

By imposing a grand   invincibility.



Unmoved by its appearance,

Unperturbed by  other’s arrogance

The crow caws with a reference,

To the day-to-day occurrence,

Relying on its  certain deliverance.




Though its colour is black,

It get rids of all the garbage  track,

Never does it slack,

From  its duties pack,

Eliminating a  thorough attack.




It heralds the dawn,

With its calling drawn,

Dispelling a sluggish yawn,

Initiating a wakeful  yarn,

With an enthusiastic fawn.



Even an unattractive  bird dread,

Has  a  great missionary thread,

Directing to the  charitable  tread,

It may   sound an unfamiliar  shred,

But it  is truly a  courteous  theme ahead.













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The Guardian Angel

 While treading down the lane,

In a forbidden plane,

Tracked  the   terrible sights

In  blazing lights, 

 That left an indelible scar.



The chaos was aghast,

With din and  blast,

The blood and   bodies dead,

Were  strewn  ahead,

Remnant of a massacre wicked.



The fright was choking,

As the tears came pouring,

The pain was intolerable,

As the heart sunk in  trouble,

Reflecting on the despair.



Unable to find a coherence,

Unfit to trace a sequence,

The mind wonders in a desolation,

Suppressing  the isolation,

A recollection of the indifference.



The  Guardian angel  enters

 Blesses the unpleasant  tenders,

Uttering  words of  grace

Preaching   a definite  grace,

Resonant of a  “Great Mass”


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Mystery Shrouds.

There was no response to the knock,

The house was  silent and dark,

There was no   move   what so ever,

Enumerating a silence moreover.



Gazing through the window

Saw a  hovering shadow,

Moving stealthily below,

The thundering bellow.




Rains lashed the  roof,

Lightening gave a severe hoof,

There appeared to be a proof ,

Of activity  in  aloof.



The presence of  life was there,

No not why  it bear?

Such a mysterious  fare,

Locking up in a confounded spare.










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Face Book

Imagine a compilation of faces into a book.

Does it not sound a crook?

But it has a say in every nook,

As it gives a fine look,

To the social hook.



It gets into every house,

As each one browse,

With a small mouse,

Enabling  a curious carouse

With rapt attention arouse.



Messages fly in the air,

Pregnant with thoughts fair

Accompanied by pictures rare,

 Seeking  a lovely  fare,

With a recognised  care.



A  few misgivings are there,

That of privacy tear,

Distinguishing a  grade bare,

Leading to  an apprehension fair.



As always there are two sides to a coin,

Revealing  that good and bad conjoin,

To expose a  relevance  that rejoins,

With an innovation   adjoin

  Fusing into a classicism  enjoin.