Motivation In Life

Consider others in the way

think  not of you alone all the days

turn  and look far  beyond

notice not only the things in and around

talk  with a concern for those in need

focus not on your own feed

try to kind and helpful  in all possibility

never run away from assistance in plausibility

well, let  these motivate  your life

as you go about in your strife.zombie-motivate




My Habit.

A habit of me might sound quixotic

with that I start my topic

might be it would look drastic

that of stop talking to people mostlyMotivationHabit

when they cross wantonly.


This quality is innate and inborn

right from the days of  childhood dawn

all through my youth and middle age

gently travelling with me in a range

making me  unpopular  in an arrange.


I refrain not only from talking to them

but restrict from  talking about them

that being my practice  all through

with that I go about  with a clue

minding my business without any hue.


Tell me now how do you feel about my topic

Is it as others feel quixotic?

or  does it appear drastic?

To me it looks great and fantastic.

To you, I sense it is comic.









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The Best Motivator.

Motivation is a hot topic nowadays.
Speakers talk about it all through the day.
Cast a glance around over the meadows
you find cows loitering behind their shadows
Grazing through the grass in a nonchalant mood
they propose a let go attitude all for the good.
Take another look on the lush green grass
where a flock of sparrows are exploring the trash.
They peck and pick big and small worms in scores.
Further down the lane getting into the urban
track the crows that fly around the dust bin
diligently collecting material out with a din.
You could see many more motivational illustrations
once you view nature with the right perception.


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A Searching

It is a likelihood of terms.

It is a livelihood of means.

It is that which protract.


It is a pronouncement of authority.

It is a reference to  dignity.

It is that which reacts.


It is a scene of distraction.

It is a sequence of deviation.

It is that which distributes.


It is a cause for anxiety.

It is a wait for result.

It is that which attributes .


It is a general outlook.

It is a genial  approach.

It is that which occupies.


It is a classic example.

It is a wonderful picture.

It is that which presents.


It is a lovely grace.

It is a fine poise.

It is that which creates.


It is an apparition.

It is a distinction.

It is that which endears.


Well it is a synthesis.

Well  it is a symphony.

Well it is that which enlightens.


So goes on the thoughts.

So runs the descriptions.

So spreads the vision.


Light up a needy child.

Brighten up the handicapped.

Take care of the aged.


A motivation that has to be elicited.

A motto that has to be adopted.

A memorandum that has to  be understood.


It might sound like a teaching.

It might echo a preaching.

In reality it is a searching.





He and She Put together.

He has  developed a stigma strong to out beat,

 Of getting disarranged and panicky,

By issuing quick commands and  hurried tweets,

 Then  retreating to a  long soliloquy.


It  seems to be a motivation negative,

 He walks up and down in a mood  restless,

Infuriating every others in terms derogative

Indulging himself  in a created chaos nevertheless.


It has been so, for forty long years,

Losing equanimity  at the sight of guests,

Proposing an uneasiness loaded with fears,

Twined  up to end looking for the best.


He,  has been, all along reposing no confidence on others,

 Professes to carry a heavy responsibility  all alone,

Scrutinises in detail all from the covers,

But absolutely turns no stone.


Four decades of such precipitated movements,

Brings from the only onlooker a numbed reaction,

She goes about the way  with her own temperament,

Conducting the whole episode in a colourful  jubilation.










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Laissez Faire Et Laissez passer.


Leave the world as it is,

It will prosper,

Leave the people as they are,

They will succeed,

Leave the economy as it is,

It will grow,

Leave Nature as it is,

It will enhance.



Let not  the government interfere,

In enlightening the world,

Let not the regulations  intervene,

In the life of people.

Let not restrictions complicate,

The growing economy,

Let not Man’s intrusions,

Spoil the beauty of Nature.



Let them move as they wish,

Let them live as they want,

Let  trade and commerce flourish freely,

Let Nature  blossom  without any hassle.

Thus imposing a grandeur and magnificence.