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The Burn And Turn

With the movement of cyclical turn
the debris getting exhumed in a burn
while the cinders lay in a diffusible churn
the whole area seemed messy and  abandoned
with the feeling of the environment getting
holding the hands tight-fisted against such disaster
could not keep the lips wildernesstight-lipped any more  in anger
got ahead with the protests to the town council  straight
who promised to look into it with a heavy   punishment right
kept not their words  but joined hands with the harm through
resting the town in more destruction and hazard  being true
while I stood helpless and all alone in the wilderness static
without any one to support and help me to cross over the drastic.

My Habit.

A habit of me might sound quixotic

with that I start my topic

might be it would look drastic

that of stop talking to people mostlyMotivationHabit

when they cross wantonly.


This quality is innate and inborn

right from the days of  childhood dawn

all through my youth and middle age

gently travelling with me in a range

making me  unpopular  in an arrange.


I refrain not only from talking to them

but restrict from  talking about them

that being my practice  all through

with that I go about  with a clue

minding my business without any hue.


Tell me now how do you feel about my topic

Is it as others feel quixotic?

or  does it appear drastic?

To me it looks great and fantastic.

To you, I sense it is comic.