Poetry thoughts

Being in Such a Way.

Being in two minds

is of a precarious kind

being not fully  here

being not wholly there.


Being in different thoughts

is in a range being caught

being not acceptable as such

being not bothered as much


Being  in a place of support

could lead to a purport

being  not always independent

being not always reliant.


Being in such a way

would usher in a pay

being confident and gay

being strong would stay.










The Burn And Turn

With the movement of cyclical turn
the debris getting exhumed in a burn
while the cinders lay in a diffusible churn
the whole area seemed messy and  abandoned
with the feeling of the environment getting
holding the hands tight-fisted against such disaster
could not keep the lips wildernesstight-lipped any more  in anger
got ahead with the protests to the town council  straight
who promised to look into it with a heavy   punishment right
kept not their words  but joined hands with the harm through
resting the town in more destruction and hazard  being true
while I stood helpless and all alone in the wilderness static
without any one to support and help me to cross over the drastic.


The Project

In a way it was destructive
causing a major rout
in a form very much derivative
weighing the pros and cons in a clout
it brought in much rancour
that caused a succour.

Heading towards destruction
nothing could be done to stop it
but a temporary infusion
was getting headway to shut down
the project to a close
lest it would lead to blows.

The agitation was headway
and there was turmoil
as the people were in the causeway
protesting against the induction boiling
at the injury it would set once inaugurated
creating a disturbance to peace intimidated

The upheaval spread across in speed.
the politicians were full with greed
The public were adamant in their call
willing to sacrifice their lives in the fall
the administration was desperate
but could not suppress the rising of late.

The project got dumped into hold.
The people emerged triumphant and bold
The government was fuming and fretting
as it had lost many of its backing.
The support of the people around is a musKoodankulam-Issuet
for any project to take off without test.