Poetry thoughts

Being in Such a Way.

Being in two minds

is of a precarious kind

being not fully  here

being not wholly there.


Being in different thoughts

is in a range being caught

being not acceptable as such

being not bothered as much


Being  in a place of support

could lead to a purport

being  not always independent

being not always reliant.


Being in such a way

would usher in a pay

being confident and gay

being strong would stay.









Contentment Poetry

The Chosen Way

Anything more to say
it has passed in a way
what is going to stay?
emphatically nothing in a nay
think of that anyway
that is a beacon in a ray
peace and contentment in everyway
should be your chosen waypeace and contentment.


A Stay

A month of stay
which is no way
a great help in a way
as in the day
there be no progress to say
going by the things not so gay
the prolong remain in the place is at bay
for it does not bring any prospects in a tray
but proposes a wasteful time and energy in the stray.stay


Something Is Missing

A feeling of something missing

be it in life or performance

I really  do not know

keeps me disturbed all the time

lending me a despair and disappointment

that I am unable to overcome

however much I try  hard

and whatever much I do

Why such thoughts come to my mind?

Why  am I so    worked up all the time?

This makes me sad in a way

letting  me in a precarious stay

stumbling through the way

with a sense of insecurity in the sway.

Withdrawing I go into a shell

just smiling to myself

might be the smile is because of

inability and inefficiency

that remains in me

never lets me go into the world

steeped in competition high and dry.images (56)





Moving Out Of Home.

Venturing out for adventure
or for that matter for any venture
has not been her mode of operandi
getting everything done id dandy
sitting at home and ordering
buying things by phoning
She runs the show in grandeur
getting the best things rather
doing research online on brands
she draws out her agenda grand.
She does all her work from home
official as well as domestic from her loving home.
Hires people to do work also by phone.
Helps her friends also over phone.
Her life moves on round the phone
as she goes round and her home.g-tdy-090929-working-mom-3p.h2-1

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Getting into the woods

Getting into the woods on a lively day,
brought  unfelt experience of gay.

There was  penetration of sun’s rays,

through the dense trees in a trace.

directing to a tiny bay.

There was a march of elephants in a fray,

calling each other in a bray.

The water fell down the hills in a sway,

flowing  quick without delay.

The birds twittered in a joyful  jay,

chirping with a spirited say.

There arose a desire to stay,

 in the splendid woods all the day.