Fun and a Teach

I opened my sit out in the evening
saw a squirrel playing
with two sparrows.
Not a common sight.

They went up the stairs
one by one
descended the same way.

It was like a parade.
The squirrel led the trio

Beautiful it was
to look at them
perform so neatly.

I kept the door ajar
watched them
with admiration.

They marched into the garden
queued near the tap
the squirrel turned the tap
halfway, water started to flow
they played in the water
later quenched their thirst.

The squirrel tried to close the tap,
left it half done. The water flow
diminished. He could do no more.

It was fun to watch them.
Greater still, it was a teach
on organising.


Drift Of Life.

I know not where I am

into the clouds I go

fly and sail

into the water, I float

swim and dive

into the eternity

I find myself

drifting slowly

nothing can stop

none can object.





Water Scarcity.

The water is scarce

in a way it is a farce,

the unmindful usage

the disregard for storage

has led to a disaster unpredictable

great and impenetrable.

the world is at a loss

Could be turned  into false

with conservation careful

along with preservation to the full.

Poetry water.

Water Of All

I break the fast

with a glass of water warm

it goes down very  fast

all with a trickle calm

flows into the throat

clears it  with a smother

takes its  downward route

cleanses  the path without a bother

a simple drink rather

colourless and odourless  in nature

bereft of taste altogether

yet  possesses  enormous features

least expensive  to gather

lesser to none in value

a quench thirster  to all

factually  irreperable  and invaluable

imagine the plight  in call

if there be no water at all.drinking-water-standards

melancholy Poetry

The Overflow

The water overflows

with a gushy force

inundates the land around

marshy becomes the surround

the dampness is so soggy

the feet becomes muddy

as we walk through the place

cautious of a fall in  case.

Melancholy sets in gradually

the heart pounds inordinately

could hear a sob intermittently

tears drop down slowly

the face turns puffy

heart-rending it is  totally

as we sit watch helplessly

know not how to stop. immediately.

Situations can be linked to nature

being a great healer

the overflows of the water and feelings

relate to each other without  readings

statistics and data do not  approve

they say it is but a falsity in proves

the parallels might be fictional

yet they have connections perennialwater fllods

conservaion Man Poetry rarity survive


A commodity I know

simple and plenty in flow

rises up and down

a fluctuation as shown

a flooding in a season

a paucity without reason

governed not by any man  as of

looks down at him with a scoff

once was in everyone’s hands

now not even found in sand

has become a rarity in all

would turn a scarcity  in a short call

Oh ! without it none would survive

as it is a refreshment with a revive

abused by a man with all his might

yet it tries to serve him without a fight

Poor me it struggles with a face brave

Man would be pushed to the grave

if not its  level   rises in bounds

Let us pray for it to abound..

save man and animals from a drown.

Well, the commodity  is water

conservation of it would prevent a shatter.commodity

Life Poetry validate.

The Blue Waters

Looking at the blue waters
I sit there for an hour and quarter
my thoughts wander
as I gaze with wonder
at the waves that come up in a tide
a close kiss on my feet beside
then turn back in a hurry
they go up and down without worry
a fine rhythmic manoeuvre
in a sequential grandeur
amazed I look at the blue waters for long
a thematic presentation in a melodious song
depicting the ebb and flow as a movement of fun
more so as a phenomenon very simple and common
the sequence of life validated through high and low
the method of living explained in moves slow.



The environment as such
only few trees in bunch
no other greenery around
trees too very old in the round
proposebrook without water a sordid outlook
by the side of a brook
with very little water
no birds to chatter
looks so desolate and dull
seems like a murder in all
with no life around in the call.


The Coconut.

The coconuts from the garden

small they have become 

gone without water be the reason

 rains have deceived in all seasons 

the nuts look dry and parched 

 exceed in numbers though

 starved they seem Coconuton the exterior 

the inside looks great with  cheer

 butter like slippery substance 

 lies there almost in most

 hold little water sweet 

the tender sleeves are tasty

lovely to bite  with ease 

 like to say like Keats 

 all things small are beautiful




The Milk is White

The milk is white
very much white
it is just white
not creamy white
nor dense white
it is transparent white
translucent white
watery white
more water in sight
milk out of sight.
water in milk