The Coconut.

The coconuts from the garden

small they have become 

gone without water be the reason

 rains have deceived in all seasons 

the nuts look dry and parched 

 exceed in numbers though

 starved they seem Coconuton the exterior 

the inside looks great with  cheer

 butter like slippery substance 

 lies there almost in most

 hold little water sweet 

the tender sleeves are tasty

lovely to bite  with ease 

 like to say like Keats 

 all things small are beautiful




Madurai —Deficit Rainfall.

Rain falling all around the place

but not on the very specified spot

made one  wonder and gaze

as that area was  unusually hot

being out of focus in a phase

falling well behind in a shot

with the rainfall in a maze

and the area getting deficit rain in short

that being no other than my place

which is called  Madurai the city of ancient lot.madurai-temple





The Deficit.

With the basics going hot

 the requirements growing more

 there is a financial short

while  the balancing act takes the fore

an  acrobatic fundamental  is to be taught

as the household budget  assumes a roar

making the struggle hard to be fought

wherein the deficit  runs  to the core

causing a liability which should never be