An Abridged Version

He came

He conquered

He returned .

A story short

long one abridged

a three line  one

of a three-year struggle

presented so well

as if it happened

quick as a wink

all in a speed

the close and a shut

of the eyelids

a portrayal so nice

could you believe?

nay, I do not.




The Shoe Flower

The shoe flower or hibiscus
has shades of colours
red being the usual one
pink, yellow, white and others
abound in their beauty all the more
with the red growing almost everywhere
with a fecundity in all strength
the twos and fives and even tens
seen in every plant as of all
give a colourful variance to the eyes
as they blossom with a charm
bright and lovely they appear
the beauty being they last a day
the next day droop and fall
enunciate the transitoriness of life
the shoe flower does that with an emphasis
a quickened flowering and shortened life.


Long Live

Long do I see
Long do I hear.
Long do I think.
Long do I live.
Long be it long
as I go about in long
with nothing in belong
that be the lonely song
of everyone from times long
who take nothing along
laid to rest away from throng
that be the way but not wrong
as we understand in long.
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Vanity All The More


A girl in her teens
goes by her fashion
that of wearing everything short
glamorous she looks
with a beautiful face and blonde hair
her skin being so silky with no blemish
and her features looking sharp
she goes about with much fanfare
trying to attract all
that does not look decent
as it is typical of a stylish snob
let her be moderate in dress
with a dignified look and grace
she would win more hearts all along
than being so vanity personified.



Madurai —Deficit Rainfall.

Rain falling all around the place

but not on the very specified spot

made one  wonder and gaze

as that area was  unusually hot

being out of focus in a phase

falling well behind in a shot

with the rainfall in a maze

and the area getting deficit rain in short

that being no other than my place

which is called  Madurai the city of ancient lot.madurai-temple





Yes Or No -haiku

He being curt
gave answers in mono syllable
yes and no.

He became unpopular
as he lost touch with people.
Yes or no.


Lesson Looks Poem thoughts

Have You Seen Him?

short manHe smiles silly.
Looks empty-headed really.
Makes gestures funny.
Has a voice grumpy.

He is short.
Appears like a snort.
Tempers are at times hot.
He stands out from the lot.

He by himself is a comedy.
Respected not by anybody.
Tries to attract everybody.
Lo! he fails miserably.