A long Way To Go

A long way to go

a shorter route in row

a fathomless ocean it looks

fathomable in the books

a massive fallback it turns

a shot back as it burns

these could be in the show

could not be in the   flow

that way the life rocks

all with innumerable blocks

yet we survive with the bit

going with a  tenacity and grit

a life not so smooth sailing

could be one of a trailing

well, we move on  and die

could be anything about in a fly.long way to go



Long Be So.

Long be it

had been in a bit

think it fits.


Long be that

had been in a flat

hope it  stands.


Long be there

could have been a where

none to care.


Long be here

might sound  to be dear

nothing more near.










Long It Seems To Be.

Long it seems to be

the days and nights go  with it

the heaves and sighs combine with it

so do the laughter and smile intertwine.


Long it seems to be

the years and age go with it

the wrinkles and grey hair conjoin with it

so do the wisdom and experience interlock.



Long it seems to be

the ideas and ideals go with it

the thoughts and dreams relate with it

so do the focus and execution  intermingle.




A Long Time Absentee

A long time absentee
been on a travelling spree
away from home for a duration
writing though with a passion
not many in the row as usual
penning a few in casual
picturing what I saw along
sometimes with a belong
other times scribbling a verse
without much attachmeabsenteent fierce
spent most of the hours seeing
land, people, and culture in a swing
an experience absolute and exact
that worked on my feelings intact
a great break from the routine as well
far away from the place I dwell
an ecstatic moment in the perception
a lovely feast to the eyes sans deception.


The Long Week

The week seems to be long
with nothing to do all along
A visit here and a drop there
makes the week look all bare
The move is slow dead slow
there is no call to follow
yet I carry on with a gleam
a pretension it might seem.
It is so all in the mood
as there is nothing so good
I carry a load in my mind
what to do with it in kind
it is there with me for long k
keeps me in tension all along
Well, this be a lonely song
coming from a person wrongweek days.


Long Live

Long do I see
Long do I hear.
Long do I think.
Long do I live.
Long be it long
as I go about in long
with nothing in belong
that be the lonely song
of everyone from times long
who take nothing along
laid to rest away from throng
that be the way but not wrong
as we understand in long.
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Thinking Long.

Thinking about a thing

 all the time without break 

 leads to an obsession

signalling a negativism

inducing an apprehension

that might bring in an uneasiness

causing a flutter all the way

unable to take a decision

that would stifle progress

.Leaving it like that for sometime

would bring in a  conclusion

and with that we  go high

reaping benefits all the more.

Allowing it to too much discussion

would defeat   the purpose

thwarting the project. download (47)





Long It Looks

Long be the time 

long be the frame

long be the schedule

long be the task

long and lengthy

all seems to be

with nothing much to do

as long hours free

makes you long

not long for anything material

but tends to run into a feel

that the day is long

the years are long

and all that is existential

is long and (42)


A Road Over There— Allegory

There runs a road

straight it goes unfathomable

long it seems  not discernablimages (22)

where does it go?  unquestionable

no one knows  being impossible.


Long Lasting

Long lasting they say

when you yourself

last not long in a way

why go for long lastinglong-lasting of else?