Poetry rise.

Fear A Quick Rise.

Words come to me very slowly

and I write very lethargically

go through it again  very lazily

sit there with a gaze unwittingly

my writings  are simple   as such

there is no great effort as much

I write with a simple touch

neither a satire nor an allegory

either be it a poem  sans glory

I write in an ordinary style

never refer any  file

this is my attempt and a try for long I fly

for long this is how I fly

almost without any slide

as it is easy to glide

and move up gradually

as I fear quickquick rise rise very truly.


Thinking Long.

Thinking about a thing

 all the time without break 

 leads to an obsession

signalling a negativism

inducing an apprehension

that might bring in an uneasiness

causing a flutter all the way

unable to take a decision

that would stifle progress

.Leaving it like that for sometime

would bring in a  conclusion

and with that we  go high

reaping benefits all the more.

Allowing it to too much discussion

would defeat   the purpose

thwarting the project. download (47)





That Be The difference.

Deep runs the ocean

shallow goes the river

many rivers do flow deep

yet there be a difference.


The sea being fathomless

with a salt in the foreground

flowing no matter

whether it rains or shines.



The river being solemn

having  tastyimages (79) water running through

overwhelming during rain

drying up at times of summer.


The distinctions are many

these being a very few

marking the main forms

that of great and good.