Poetry thoughts

A sail in The Boat

A sail in the boat

over the river afloat

could never cause a jolt

as the river holds

no turbulence in  bold

being of a passive mold

it flows without any rolls

the boat sails pleasant

causes nothing unpleasant

a lively sojourn

could be  one of great  in a turn


A Walk By The Lovely River.

A walk by the  lovely river

where there is no noise  whatsoever

the flow of the river  is music  intense

the tweets of birds strike a cadence

the cool breeze strikes the face gently

being an inspiration lovely

the stray incidents of a dog’s bark in terms

heard occasionally  in irregular rhythms

could be the only jarring notes all round

the trees stand majestically all around

solicit you with a love unknown and yielding walk by the river.

what more could there be in the morning

a sullen and serene walk with an invigoration.

madurai Poetry Vaigai

Bridal Blush – River Vaigai

The river is almost full
it flows with a great pull
a scene rare to see
as it is always free
water is a rare phenomenon
as the rains failed to come
unwanted things occupy the river bed
where cattle loiter instead
it appears as a polluted basin
where the city’s waste drains
the foul smell it emanates all around
destroy the environ in an abound
the ghastly sight was an eyesore
as the city became unfit to living
the water now flows with an ease
extending a fresh look and river vaigai lease
it is but wonderful to see the gush
as the river runs with a bridal blush.


The Flow of The River.

Likewise the river flows
so wise and clever
flows she with no stop
stopped she for no reason
reason be not well-riverknown
known for her steadfastness
fast she runs in force
forcefully she exists
exists she all the year
the year of rain
rain falls in excess
excessive in the catchment
the catch being profuse
as profuse as the bounty
bounteous she looks
a look with a beam and pride
a pride in the right sense
sensible and excellent.


There Be

There be a morn
with no sun
There be a night
with no stars
There be a woman
with no beauty.
There be a man
with no sense
There be a hill
with no trees images (91)
There be a river
with no water
Oh! there is everything around
nothing  being good.
That be the day
when the world
comes to an end.


That Be The difference.

Deep runs the ocean

shallow goes the river

many rivers do flow deep

yet there be a difference.


The sea being fathomless

with a salt in the foreground

flowing no matter

whether it rains or shines.



The river being solemn

having  tastyimages (79) water running through

overwhelming during rain

drying up at times of summer.


The distinctions are many

these being a very few

marking the main forms

that of great and good.




Saving For The Progeny

We save money for our children.

We invest in shares and stocks

 multiply the money in geometrical progression

 buy properties and allow them to appreciate

 thus grows money in arithmetical progression

purchase gold in lots and in kilograms 

 which again hops up to heights

 Well, we  have saved a fortune for our progeny

 and live in peace with the aim to earn more.

The life goes round earning and saving money.

 We forget the rest in an easy memory loss.

 Having spoilt all the natural resources

 having excavated volumes of sand from riverbeds

 making them now look like a desert.

 having felled all trees for ruthless expansion

 leaving the ground dry and desolate

having dug the earth deep for water

turning it into a tattered  empty shell

having resorted to artificial coolers and heaters

 emitting carbon monoxide destroying the ozone

 having adapted to fast food culture

 resulting in  terminal illness and speedy death

 having fertilised the crops with inorganic manure

subjecting  the  mother earth to a chemical  reaction

converting her to a barren unproductive land.

What are we going to leave to our children?

A waterless river running all through

A  land without any greenery .

A  ground with scars and holes.

An ozone totally shattered.

A generation bereft of immunity.

An unproductive land  where nothing could grow.

This is what we have saved for our  offsprings

 who would see no springs or lakes

 but envisage stretches of land

 bare and torn  very waterless river badly injured.






The River Ends Up.

With extreme joy
from a small hole
she jumps up like a toy
with a delightful goal.

She gushes out in force
falling on the land
runs away from the source
singing and dancing with the band

Crossing the villages and towns
and the cities in a stretch
she slows down gradually with a frown
weakening through like a wretch.

The melody of her song
turns a sob as she runs
carrying with her the throng
of waste and dirt and thorns.

You may wonder she be.
You and I know her well.
She is the river whom we see.
Oh! she flows through hell.polluted rivers



The river flows into the ocean
know not where the ocean flows
in the (15)

Actions Inspiration Nature Poem

Travel With Nature.

Nature takes you along
wherever it goes.
Go with the river
you lose your shiver,
Get ahead over the hill
it would bring you peace still.
Watch the Ocean
that enumerates extensive reason.
Look at the tree.
It would make your mind free.
Observe a plant
which demonstrate implants.
Last of all the flower
which exhibits beauty forever. travel