Poetry thoughts

A sail in The Boat

A sail in the boat

over the river afloat

could never cause a jolt

as the river holds

no turbulence in  bold

being of a passive mold

it flows without any rolls

the boat sails pleasant

causes nothing unpleasant

a lively sojourn

could be  one of great  in a turn


Long Live The Plaintiffs

Filing a case in court

fighting for a cause in terms

not bothered about the just and unjust

pushing  the facts and figures back

going ahead with their own agenda

finally getting the verdict

that comes in a form of settlement

signed by both parties with consent

the plaintiff and defendant  agreeing to terms

the judge specifying  the time frame

and stipulating the conditions to be fulfilled

the plaintiffs drag the settlement for months

download (38)be it either because of their ignorance

or be it due to their inefficiency

the defendant stands lost in the wilderness

with the Judge and the lawyers

accompanying him in his sail over nothingness.






The Enchanting Sea.

The deep blue sea

looks enchanting to see

as it rises up  above the knee

enabling us to  sail without fee

a pleasant ride  in a glee

with wind blowing free

a journey calm without a flee sea sail



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They Go Past.

Listening to the wind’s manifesto,

holding on to its gusto,

sailing along with its course,

beating its trail with a force,

the ship tossed in the rough seas.


Moving ahead across the rugged road,

struggling on with a smile broad,

enduring every hurdle with patience,

trying to out-beat the competition with a reference,

she treaded the desolate path all alone.


Braving the storm with diligence

shoved past the ship with an animated presence.

Pushing aside the obstacles with a determination

she raced towards the destination.

 Hey  you ! Will they reach their goal ?








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La Belle Dame Sans Expression

She lies in the bed with eyes wide open.

She lies there still but not for fun.

She lies motionless for hours in the run.


The Sun’s rays falls sharply on her eyes.

She lies frozen like a solid ice.

Is she real or a guise?


The noise around her is loud.

She lies undisturbed by the cloud.

She belies the spirit of the surround.


The day fades to a starry night.

She lies almost tight.

She presents an alarming sight.


The night sets in silently.

She makes no move relevantly.

Her posture calls for action immediately.


She rises from her bed in a sudden.

Smothers her dress of its crampled trend.

Walks up the aisle with hair done.


She leans over the rails.

She looks at the  night’s trails.

She fathoms  the dark sail.


She watches the vessel move.

She shuts her eyes in a disapprove.

Alas! her soul is entrapped in the groove.