The Lovely Moon.

The moon in the sky
shines steadfast
with a pleasant  smile.

I wish to touch her
knowing  full she is unreachable.

Her milky fluffy exteriors
look imposing and imperious.

Enticing she is.

Passing my fingers
over her smooth demeanour
while so in an imagination
provokes nothing promiscuous
instead, proposes a sobriety.

Her  luminosity is  brilliant,
not anyway, blinding
a blend of
brightness and  solemness
a graceful shine she extends.

I gaze at her.
Know not how long.
I stand still,
diffident to move.


The Helpless Woman

The woman bemoans and cries
unable to keep quiet
breaks down in a sigh hlpless woman.
takes not a bite
rants in rancour
swears in anger
mind she not
who it be in slot
be her son or husband
she fumes and disbands
lets out her emotions
not in small portions
pours out in full force
if that be her chose
the life would not be smooth
to tell the truth.


Surmounting The Flaws

Fathomless is the ocean

so is the thinking.

Extensive is knowledge

so is the learning

Great is the expedition

so should be the understanding.

The best is  crossing over

so should be lifeAenid

With the comfort and ease

and with reason  sans tease

life has to go smooth and flowing

surmounting the  flaws  in the living






The Enchanting Sea.

The deep blue sea

looks enchanting to see

as it rises up  above the knee

enabling us to  sail without fee

a pleasant ride  in a glee

with wind blowing free

a journey calm without a flee sea sail



Enlightenment Evolution Experience Full Interpretation Poem thoughts

Degrees Of Comparisons.

Getting along  smooth is great.

Going with the tide is greater.

Standing out from the rest is greatest.

Degrees of comparisons trigger rates.


The positive makes the eyes race.

The comparative releases an amaze.

The superlative lets out an ablaze

The attitudes give a lively interface.


Life moves on with grace.

There are no entwining brace.

There is no debasing haze.

None the less there  is a glimmering gaze.