A Source of Bounty.

The rains are on the way

the thunder has arrived

the lightning  follows

while the sky turns dark

the air becomes moist

significant it could be

a beautiful  syndrome

a gracious concept

a bounteous extension

always the rains are

somewhere in the land

everywhere  in the stretch

all too much of a pleasure .

Heavy Downpour
Heavy Downpour — Image by © Anthony Redpath/Corbis











To Many In A Way

Let that be how you live

could be of an eyesore to some

being in a sense of envy

the way you dress

attired in an immaculate white

could hurt many in a way

the way you carry yourself

with dignity and charm

could incite many in a way

the manner you speak and interact

would ignite many in a way

the food you eat with caution

could also kindle fury to many in a way

so be that your life

a cause of flutter to many in a way.


charter Poetry quarter

The Wilsons Or The Tysons.

It is a family
could be the Wilsons
could also be the Tysons
the one in unity
hard to find such ones
as rivalry is in every quarter
it seems to be a clause in a charter
this family is away in one
very different from the majority
hold each other so close and near
speak the mind out in words clear
never resort forspeak your mind any reasons in ambiguity
embrace each other with amity
that be their way to iron off the differences
a way to be learnt and adopted with references.

Poetry wellness

Pack the bags

Pack the bagspack
pack the sack
walk in the track
set on your way
mind not the day
go all gay
if need stay
try a pray
ease out in a play
that could be in a say
a wellness in a way.

Poetry Wish

My Lifestyle.

The plain and frank you are
the stronger you could be
with nothing to hide behind you
you stand a chance to win.

The most secretive you are
the weaker you could be
with almost everything to conceal
you are prone to lose.

Do not think I preach
I say what I do
I move with an understanding
never too short of discerning.

I talk not about others
either in public or private
I have a lot to do for myself
restrict from talking about others.

This way I live
the one fault I find with me
I expect others to be like me
that could not be anyway.

I like not others talk about me
I say not I am above all
As I do not talk about them
I wish not to be commented about.

fatigue Poetry

A Tiring Day

it is a  very tiring day

almost at home the full  day

yet felt very tired  in a way

the day is different  anyway

with a lot of things  in view

many more waiting in the queue

some more to be placed in lieu

others have to be looked for the due

those are the things in few

that makes me tired

and now I am fixed  with glue.After_a_tiring_day_by_xXDiceXx


Hard Way.

Things seem to hard waybe hard
there is a struggle
an apprehension surfaces
the benefit of doubt arises
will it or will it not?
strains the mind
a suspicion is always there
Is it only for me? I wonder
Why it is always so? I ponder
that is the way the mind works
defeated it feels in a way
pulls on with a hope
succeed or not I know not
have to live till the end
with the thought.


The Day Out

The mild thunder
the soft drizzle
the light breeze
give the day
a back up

The bird’s hum
The men”s talk
The animals shout
give the day
a start-up.

The rustle of leaves
the bustle of voices
the hustle of movements
give the day
a break up.

The still air
the dark night
the moon’s light
give the day
a close up.

That is the beginning
there be the ending
in a trial and error
day in and day out
goes the way out.



The Man Seems

Talk he not relevant
speaks he not truth
curses all the more
swears all the most
foul-mouthed he is
spreads scandals on the go
spills out slanders on the move.

He has lived long so
not bothered about other’s hurt
dwells with pride at his skill
he is an entertainer at first
then comes his second deal
13416it is sarcasm to the core
a pointed attack severe.

Such men do live
a parasite like entity
glorified by their tongue
relished by the evil
yet they prosper
a life based on others sweat
a creature to be condemned


The Mantra Of Earning

The means to earn being many

as there is an obsession of the penny

people go about in actions  funny

thinking of ways uncanny.


The thought of filling up the coffers

has been long with offers

that imply  quick  transfers

leaving in between a lot of buffer.


Acquiring the best in all possibility

sabotaging the obstacles in the proximity

getting straight into the feasibility

swindling off the wholesome in spontaneity.


This being the mantra of earning

as everyone talks of the success with feeling

having to lose the integrity in money making

that be the authenticity in the ruling.