The Ups and Downs

The ups and downs

keeps one tied down

happy to see the rise

sad to experience the fall .


A climb up is  a struggle

hard work marks it

a slide down is easy

many factors  go to make it .


Expenditure over revenue

a happy go lucky attitude

misfortune the least

contribute to failures.


All of us know

pay no attention

till the going is good

make merry and spend.


As the tides turn  back

the results show a negative

the fear grips  slowly

grief strikes quickly.


Similar to the  waves

a progress in the run

a retrieve without fun

day in day out it happens.


The river flows undisturbed

the sea roars unmoved

the life  goes on likewise

with a ripple and a furore.















Moderate Your Wishes

Moderate your wishes in the go

desires come and go

the ability you should know

a little over and above  in the flow

could lead to struggle with a blow

a careful way to get through

a nice way to go into

could be a delight all the more

would take you safely to the shore.


destiny. Poetry

The Music Within

The music I hear

causes a tear

the heart cries

the soul stirs

the eyes of the poor

though not speak words

express feelings of hurt

their suffering mostly silent

sings many a song

of struggle  and scarcity

their hands  bear

scars of toil red and black

their feet have blisters

the nails all broke

niggard they are

hear them rant

ignites a fire

that rises up

darkens the cloud

pours down as rain

a feeble way

to assuage their  bruise

smothers now and then

keeps them in the poor-in-spiritflow.

happen hope Poetry


None the less it has happened 

nevertheless, it is sharpened

more or less it is deepened

it is a struggle I think in the trend

expect  to see the light in the bend

could I see hope in the end?

could be or could not as it is God send.Godsend-Butterfly


Hard Way.

Things seem to hard waybe hard
there is a struggle
an apprehension surfaces
the benefit of doubt arises
will it or will it not?
strains the mind
a suspicion is always there
Is it only for me? I wonder
Why it is always so? I ponder
that is the way the mind works
defeated it feels in a way
pulls on with a hope
succeed or not I know not
have to live till the end
with the thought.


The Struggle.

The struggle that enters
from corners unexpected
the feel of bitter experience
finds hard to go through the throat
Yet it has to struggle to get deep
to get digested and pass on
otherwise would lead to a choke
that would stagger and stagnate
endangering the life at all cost
with that be the end of the loss
which would be hard to reconstitute
or still difficult to retrieve
so be the effort to adjust and accommodate
there goes the smooth passage down
without any friction or falter.struggle.


The Rugged Path

climbingExpecting nothing out of life
that which received came in the course
that being lost which works out great
went without coming to me at all.

As the rivers flow through with ripples
life pass through without much events
there being no furore or flutter great
going by the tide being the way.

Has had many misgivings in life
settled back with contours of grievance
had to overcome them in the go
otherwise would have been sealed by their ridges.

Perceiving a steep mountain unnerved me
the height and loftiness made me lose hope
awed by its massiveness I stood below
amazed by its beauty I became enchanted.

That being the essence of life in a verse
the mountainous passage having a meandering path
negotiating and walking high up with strain
a pursuit difficult but not impossible

Pursuing the clamber with a will and focus
forgetting that directionless climb would lead astray
slowly and steadily have made the way
being an achievement calling for an award.


There be Even More.

The day and night get along

The darkness and light get going.

The hot and cold are found once more.

The joy and sorrow lie together.

The land and water co-exist

There be an understanding and harmony all the more.


With the beauty on one side

There be ugliness on the other

as there be a front seen

there also be a back hidden

There be an understanding and harmony greatly so.


To a point of fact there be an opposition.

To a start of lie there be a proposition.

To each and every action in the world

there be an equal and opposite reaction.

There be an understanding and harmony forever


The water evaporates and goes up

condenses and falls down as rain.

The man shouts and tempers fly

cools down and  stays calm.

that be the natural cause in a way.

There be an understanding and harmony mostly so.


The adjustments small and minimum

releases an accomplishment maximum.

The thoughts soft and stern in their own rights

lend a solace strong and comfortable ever so.

There be an understanding and harmony even more




The Other Side Of It

Living in a place where I am known

gives  a pain and a trial unknown

setting a very uneasy tone


Seeing someone who has done harm

tends to induce a disquieting  calm

that forces me to lose my charm.


Relocating at this part of life being hard

I have to  safely play the card

and move on in life with a big nod.



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Know Not.

It was a tapping

know not from where

It was a rapping

know not from where

it was a slapping

know not who did it.

It was a strapping

know not how they did it.

it was a beating

know not how severe it was.

It was a thrashing

know not to what degree.

It was defeating

know not how much it would be.

It was a struggle

known to all fully  well.


know not.