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A Rarity Among The Disarray

A little away from the garden
a hill so small is there
trees in full bloom
greenery all around.

The garden is so lovely
picturesque with lush green lawn
flower beds on either side
colourfully designed

In the middle there is a pool
filled with water crystal clear
an ambience of beauty all over
neatly crafted around an aesthetic setting.

The house adds to the charm
corridors run all around
the doors open out to a courtyard
and the windows thrown open to the garden.

The people are wonderful
benign and graceful to the word
hohousesspitality is their by word
they are beautiful beings in the world.

Not such scenario is seen elsewhere
this is an evangelical display
all in accordance to the tune
a rarity amongst the disarray.

The Evil In Degrees.

The great evil being done on earth

being that of dearth

abusing the soil  in filth most

throwing things unmindful on the host

delivering a stench and stink

turning the earth beyond any think.


The greater evil being caused to world

being one in a fold

where crimes riseplanet up in hoards

releasing a  conviction on board

inciting an unpleasantness and crumble

converting the world  into a tumble.


The greatest evil being caused to all

that of a great fall

where  people strike with or without cause

taking the power not in a farce

inducing  an unruliness and aggressiveness

locking the people to a grievance




The Other Side Of It

Living in a place where I am known

gives  a pain and a trial unknown

setting a very uneasy tone


Seeing someone who has done harm

tends to induce a disquieting  calm

that forces me to lose my charm.


Relocating at this part of life being hard

I have to  safely play the card

and move on in life with a big nod.



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Seeing People Off

Seeing people off

takes a terrible move off

some cry when they depart

others look frigid when they part

the heaviness gets on the heart

however brave one might be in short

the attachment gets significant

with the pangs attaining a resilient

the moment of parting  arrives

bringing with it a derive

that takes a feeling out of us

mostly pending  with passions plus

such that we go about with a sadness

which crushes the madness

that aims  at a never parting reference

but have to get away due to circumstance.seeing people off




The Reach.

Reaching out to all 

should be everyone’s call

going by the natural fall

have to get into the interacting

with a lively and involved  reacting

getting straight into it without faltering

hastening to meet people in the run

moving close to them not for fun

but with an intention to turn

the society that has gone astray

has become unruly in a way

impeding the progress  in the fray

and suppressing the prosperity.

The reach here comes into the count

with the mission to dispel the stunt

saving society from the deadliest brunt.reach











The High Way Drive

The roads I take are highways
long and straight with no face.
It is drive, a drive to the end
faster and safer without bends.
Paying tolls at every town’s entry
passing through the tolls sentry
reaching the destination well ahead
as we not drive but fly instead.

All being well with great advance
there is most missing the chance
no lively being crosses the way
nothing interrupts the fray
as buildings and houses seen in roads
with hoardings and huge The highwaysignboards
lending a touch of reality and recognition
a sight-seeing like activity without friction.

The hurry which is involved in the driving
makes one despise the very act of travelling
The monotony that gets in the run
robs the feeling of pleasure and fun
Driving straight through the highway
noticing only cars that go in the same way
tends to be stressful and exhausting
Well, I feel that the older way is most interesting.

The Project

In a way it was destructive
causing a major rout
in a form very much derivative
weighing the pros and cons in a clout
it brought in much rancour
that caused a succour.

Heading towards destruction
nothing could be done to stop it
but a temporary infusion
was getting headway to shut down
the project to a close
lest it would lead to blows.

The agitation was headway
and there was turmoil
as the people were in the causeway
protesting against the induction boiling
at the injury it would set once inaugurated
creating a disturbance to peace intimidated

The upheaval spread across in speed.
the politicians were full with greed
The public were adamant in their call
willing to sacrifice their lives in the fall
the administration was desperate
but could not suppress the rising of late.

The project got dumped into hold.
The people emerged triumphant and bold
The government was fuming and fretting
as it had lost many of its backing.
The support of the people around is a musKoodankulam-Issuet
for any project to take off without test.