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The Aspirations

The reach is too high

perched upon the sky

yet attempt, a try

not with a shy

could see the looks sly

cast around with a pry

ignore says the mind

hesitates the heart in a bind

the mind overcomes with a find

treachery halts one to a grind

shun it and go ahead in the stride.treachery

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The Mother In You —-Parenting –4

The mother in you, I note
keeps a distance from the float
slowly moves away with a quote
“Distance makes the heart grow fonder.”

The mother in you, I presume
watches the son through his resume
likes not to enter his room
as it is time for him to bloom.

The mother in you, I think
wishes to free from the ties in a wink
makes the dominance so far present to shrink
fades into the oblivion without a blink.

The mother in you attempts to teach
the ways you adopted are not a mere preach
they should be followed as examples by each
adulthood would certainly have a great reach.


Well Within You.

Best be what you do

not forget what is to you

incline towards it in true

set out with a motive all true.

The efforts put by you

be strong and steadfast in true

shrug not at any cost

nor go about it in fast.

Do the best at all point

It is well within your joint.

Does this sound as a preach?

Sure, it is within your reach.

do your best.


A Final Throw

The thought of concluding the purpose

with a finish not with a suppose

growing strong in my mind in years

gets thwarted with the drag  and fears

implicated by those who surround me

from whom I want to flee

but cannot do for reasons monetary

holding me on the anvil  rightly or wrongly

seems to be an ambush  with an entanglement

based on a  committed predicament

barring the progress  with a lot more strain

keeping one always tied up with a drain

know not how to get over this  hurdle

as most part is a great muddle

tracking the   moves undertook

going through the papers in several  strokes

has been the  conduct of my life all through

waiting patiently for things to be set right in slow

that takes the breath out of me all the more

causing a setback and a depression in the fore.AW12_FinalCall_HNBlog_Thumbnail


The Technological Strain

The technology gets the better of you

knowing not where you are and how you are

as contacts quickly find you .


It  being a boon in terms of accessibility

where you can reach  any one at any time

with nothing much  costly.


It turns a bane in form of disturbance

getting into your privacy  in a stroke download (35)

a pest  with little reference.


The  inputs and outputs tally perfectly

with the advantages and disadvantages overlapping

crossing the reliability  all the more.

















The Reach.

Reaching out to all 

should be everyone’s call

going by the natural fall

have to get into the interacting

with a lively and involved  reacting

getting straight into it without faltering

hastening to meet people in the run

moving close to them not for fun

but with an intention to turn

the society that has gone astray

has become unruly in a way

impeding the progress  in the fray

and suppressing the prosperity.

The reach here comes into the count

with the mission to dispel the stunt

saving society from the deadliest brunt.reach











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It was a search.

Beyond the torch.

It was a start.

Far away in a sort.

It looked ahead.

Away from the tread.

Mind you it is near.

And it is very dear.