A Step.

The break came so soon 

nstepot expecting it so soon

he stood  amazed for a second

gathering himself up in a second

he went past the place

as if to find a place

he crossed the path

having to find a new path

he strode straight ahead

thinking of the problems ahead

he missed his step

which was a wrong step

not only for that moment.

but all through his movement.






Stumbling Puppet.

Having been busy all through the day

felt the pain in the knee at night

gnawing and splitting in a way

unable to sleep  for an hour even slight

the pain was excruciating and  acute

lying down seemed a problem great

sitting up posed an obligation statute

what am I to do ?  I  very much hate

myself and my knee all to be pulled apart

throwing them into the dustbin  at last

before becoming a  stumbling puppet

intending to race bad knee out of the world in a start.




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It was a search.

Beyond the torch.

It was a start.

Far away in a sort.

It looked ahead.

Away from the tread.

Mind you it is near.

And it is very dear.