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The Utopia

idealismit is heartening to note

the cordiality in  all

the  kindness in most

the sincerity in execution

the   integrity in the undertakes

the  genuineness in speech

an absolute contentment prevails

well, this is a Utopia, not real

the imagination gives birth

the ideals take care

the growth is envisaged

a demonstration is expected

Trust Leads To Mistrust.

Trust trustin a person should be absolute

if it is not it would complicate

thought I once and relied on trust

now have realized  it is not worth  a test

as faith in one had let me down badly

principally and monetarily   in totality

I hate myself  for what I had been

now want to change over and am keen

my experience tells me  to be wary

if not you would be drummed fully.

a piece of advice I wish to circulate

want it to be very articulate.

Mind blowing.

The mind-blowing
issue went flying
in the air like a kite
going up and up
to heights unknown
with people talking
and talking for
and against it
in voices low
and high
blowing out of
proportion the
ordinary feud
that raked up
into the skies
igniting it with a fire
that tried to burn
the whole milieu
into tatters
finally falling down
as embers form
high above mind blowing

Sucking his thumb
with the noise
the baby sat quiet
in his pram
while the mother
went shopping around
buying grocery and
vegetables for a week.
Piling the bought
in a big bag
the mother pushed the pram
while the baby was sucking
sup, sup in tune.
Meeting an old friend
the mother started talking
forgetting the baby
and the shopping bag.
A man noting the mother’s
carelessness dodged in
made good of the baby and the bag.
The baby still sucking his thumb
lay undisturbed.
The man pushed the pram
by the dingy and ran
with the grocery in speed.
The little one was
peacefully sitting calm
making a noise


A way of reluctance is seen in me late
as it always interrupts my course be it fate
and sets a break in the move in a rate.

Reluctance has grown with age
removing the little flexibility I had in age
to a status of going on my own stage.

Reluctance to accept the feign and lies
forces me to keep away from such guys
seeking the intricate base through the eyes.

Reluctance to be in the limelight for years tall
by not giving a chance to the peers
has made me an introvert mere.

Reluctance to amass wealth by betraying the rightful
rejecting the wealth and reputation blissful
has dubbed me a disenchanting fool.

In a way reluctance has helped me to stand above all
Losing much in financials but in nothing else I stand tall
in pride and contentment dashing other’s snarl.

The Halo Around.

A big tree mesmerises me all through.
Spreading like a canopy wide and large
The bright green leaves throw a cluster.
Branching out in all ways far and wide
giving shade in directions almost over
east,west, south and north all four
calling all to come and rest under her
giving all the best it can to every being.
flowers to those who love them
fruits to those who like them
shelter to those who come under her.
what not she gives liberally
what els she has to give freely..

Beating the billionaires in their philanthropy
the tree stands erect. and magnanimous
Outsmarting the religious in their charity
the tree looms large and generous.
Overcoming the Blue Cross in their care for animals
the tree throws a large heartedness
Exceedintreeg the Red Cross in their service
the tree forges ahead. in magnitude
Surpassing all educational institutions in imparting learning
the tree glorifies wearing a halo around her.
The Tree, enlarges in eloquence
She is an impasse Great and Divine.