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The Rainy Evening: A Tercet.

The day heads off to a close
more or less the work is over
it is time to wind up and close.

For a while Ramu hovers
runs to catch the train
seeing the  sharp showers.

It is a heavy rain.
he is caught in the downpour
misses the train.

The rain lashes in a roar
Ramu is stranded
cannot run as before.

He stands
in the rain for a time
then walks in the marshy land.
The temple bell chimes
he enters the shrine
into the Hundial he inserts a dime.

The deity shines
resplendent in its gold kavasams
Ramu is on cloud nine.



Tumult Not a Fear.

The thunder is in full swing

the rain has taken its wings

the tumult is  not a fear anymore

being a pleasure  all the more

the breeze blows gently

moist laden in plenty

a beautiful experience

after a day of a penance

one  of unbearable heat

enough to beat

even a strong lad

it seemed very bad

as of now the rains

pour in a voluminous  strain

blessed be the people around

cheer being seen in the surround.kaboom


The Days Are So

The winds are not strong

nor the clouds dark and overcast

the warmth has been for long

the rains have long been lost

the days without rain seem to be more

renders the land  almost dry

the particular season has been in the fore

makes every other  season shy

well that be the way of nature

bringing forth a merciless feature

rains too much and floods once

rains too less  and droughts hence

be so the vagaries of the global warmth

leaving us helpless and stare at the hearth.sm 11 5123 turtle carcass




The Sprinkle And A Splash

I keep my windows open while I sleep

a whiff of fresh air knocks me now and then

last night I was in my deep sleep

an incident different took place then

a sprinkle of water on the face

it did not bother me anyway

then a splash of cold water on my face

did disturb me only a little anyway

I was fast asleep all the more

there was a strike so forceful

the water was all over  me

peeped through the window

saw the torrential pour in glee

the rains always make me glow

closed the windows  reluctantly

as my eyes pleaded for a rest insidiouslyrain ans sun