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150 Years-Madoff

A century and half  has been granted for  71 year old Madoff by the court of Justice. The swindler was sentenced to spend the rest of his life in prison.A man’s life span is normally 75  years. Madof f, if at all lives , can be moving about for 4 more years. Where is the meaning for 150 years. The pronouncement , judiciously sounds permeable , but in actuality seems far from reality. the long imprisonment  is not going to happen . The judge, who  rejected his bail plea , has given the maximum punishment to the author of the extraordinarily evil Ponzi scheme  

Debating the issue of imprisonment, we come to a closer scrutiny of the scheme. The veiled  Madoff scandal, if lifted will throw many skeletons from the lockers. The shrewd hypocrite has subtly targetted the vulnerable  points, such as greed, fragility, over enthuisam of the investor. The  investment sentiment  has been thoroughly exploited by this devilish scheme. A relaxation , an easy mode of deliverance, a quick short time multiplication, an increased feeling of security, and the cajoling procedures  have manipulated extensively the faith of the investor. The funds poured in and  has disappeared in same acceleration.

Madoff rejoiced.Madoff reeled in wealth.Madoff maddened everybody, once when his trachery got exposed. Most have lost everything they had. Many have  been fooled . Madoff has accepted his crime and has expressed his regret. He says , he is sorry about the whole affair.

Remorse and regret are fine sentiments the world will acknowledge. To err is human , to forgive is divine goes the maxim. But the hopelesness is hard to cope up. The tears welling up in each and every eye of the participant of the Ponzi scheme , are evidences of  the horrondousity of the tale. The haplessness of thousands of people remains unanswered. Ripping him off of his wealth and funds , is a minor way of appeasing the tormented mind. The truama is hard to be effaced. The sentence ,could have been off a different strata, instead of this century and half.

The Ponzi scheme , has brought to light the  metabolism of the  conniving deceit. It has laid bare the fact of thorough ill conceived materialistic  pursuits , which lead to a gross evaucation and torrid  infringement. 


Monsoon Plays Hide And Seek

People, in those days were able to predict the rains. They did not do any research.  Environmental  study ,was an alien subject to them.Weather forecast was announced as is and where is condition. Time was calculated on the basis of the sun’s position and the shadow’s reflection. Everything was simple , worked out as normal progress. The routine of life was like a school syllabus. The contents were preset . The majority of the population led a peaceful contented life. Their acceptance of the natural disasters , their resignation to the ups and downs in life, their reconciliation to the unexpected eventualities . their adaptation to the transformation in natural recourse , their tolerance towards physical discomforts and their compressed desire towards materialistic fortunes , promised a  prosperous  living.

Now, the suspicious mind is throttling the equanimity, the curiousity kills the spirit,the over enthusiasm  torments the grace, and the thronging  diffidence strangles the poise.The monsoon which has to have set in mid June, is kidding the strained freaks. A delay in the arrival is not unusual..It has happened many a time. A exact entry , a few years back , was made, but gort interrupted in the middle. There was a lull for a  few weeks, followed by a  copious rainfall. Such happenings do take place. Nature has its own programmes and schsdules. Man can neither command its flow, nor frame its itineary.

The dry spell , that prevails is not Nature’s fault. It is Man’s aberration. It is Man’s disrespect  to the natural cause. It is Man’s impatience to amass undeserving wealth. It is Man’s arrogance  to embark on infidel applications, which emanate carbon emissions that create a scar on the ozone.It is Man’s inhuman attitude towards the co habitats. It is Man’s contempt towards vegetation. It is Man’s wickedness  that indulges in large scale felling of trees.

It is Nature’s turn to penalise Man for his callous treachery. It is Nature’s  chance to teache Man a lesson. It is Nature’s fumigation towards Man’s hostility. It is Nature’s opportunity to cheat Man , by playing hide and seek. Man is at the receiving end.He is crying over spilt milk. He is bemoaning the  loss.

Nature is Having its last laugh.

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Something -Indian Definition

Something  is a common word used by all of us to denote a relative term, an unidentified product, an experience that calls for no attention,a feeling that cannot be described, an incident that is unimportant and finally a feigned connotation for an idea that is beyond comprehension.The Indian definition of this simple is entirely different from the dictionary meaning.  The word itself gets an  absolutely  varied hue and complex design that is beyond comprehension.

Well, coming to the point, “something “is nothing but the extras  that is linked with accomplishments. To put it more clearly, it is a bargain behind the scene, an underhand transaction , an under the table dealing.This “something” enables a free smooth passage to a conclusiion of tasks in the government  offices. It expediates the passing of papers and approval of projects in banks and financial institutions. It snatches an admission in an educational institution of repute, leaving the meritorious in poor shape.It also facilitates procuring a ticket in the trains, which is the most popular mode of transport in India. It provides an easy entry into the temples . Worshipping the Lord is also not spared by this “something”. The more ‘something’ , you give the proximity to God  becomes close.The judiciary , also succumbs to this defiend “something”The more you part with the more you gain . This is the simple hypothesis , the Indians, the Indian Government, the Indian bureaucracy, the Indian education system , the Indian financial set up, and the religious  departments adopt.

It looks funny. It seems to be amusing . It is intangible. It is a practice that is followed all throughout the country in great unanimity. The ancient country , known for its rich culture, enviable heritage, and a land of hundreds of languages, varied religions, Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Jains, and Buddhists, with a  thoroughbred caste system , and with extreme dissimilarity in customs and culture, is virtually unified in accepting “something “to make things work. It is blatant bribery in pretension. It is a blackmark  to the Indian governance. It is equally a deridingsymptom that should be eschewed by the Indian community. 

The cry may seem to be out of box thought. It may appear insensible and ridiculous . It may designate an unappealing enumeration. But it has to be deployed to enrich the credibility  of the country


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Speed Breakers In Indian Roads

Travelling , by road ,is a pleasure anywhere  but not in India. The thoroughfare is full of bumps and pits, potholes and rough patches. India , has no well laid roads.The roads which do exist are full of sand and stones bereft of tar or cement.To crown all these abnormalities there are speed breakers  erected to control  rash driving . Speeding is an impossibility as driving itself  is a night mare. Why the great necessity fro putting up this hurdle , at every 2 kilometres.

The question  requires an answer immediately. This  unmindful erection is causing lot of hardship to the car traffic. The obstacle is too high , that a slight careless driving would harm the vehicle, by damaging the sensitive mechanism of shock observer and crank shaft. The driver has to have a severe patience and possess a special skill to negotiate the man made  barriers.

Apart from damaging the car, it also minimises the comfort of the traveller. The sudden jolt  lifts the body high up , then releases the pressure by slamming the physic down.The up and down movement prescribe an unpleasant application , that the exhaustion unwounded is too much and too heavy.. If this occurs , once in a way, the suffering can be accepted, but this tossing is spread throughout the journey rendering the passenger vexed and irritated. The driver is literally defeated by this unwelcome barricades , that he yearns to reach the destination as quickly as possible. This quickness , is not fairly workable as the conditions of the roads are so terrible.

Safety is the reason behind such compilations. The purpose of security is a non existence virtue in this concept of Speed breakers.If  a driver crosses this artificial set up, in a hurry, then an unthinkable mishap will take place. The speed gets arrested , no doubt, but it is done in a most crude fashion leading to accidents, falls and reckless devastation.

It is high time, that the Indian Government , thinks of an alternate choice to the incorrigible evil . A study and a thought ,to seek best available source to redeem this hardship  is  the top  priority of the road transport ministry

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I- Random Check

Born as a child to someone,

Referred as  a spouse of someone,

Became a mother to someone,

Upgraded as grandmother by someone,

I know not,

Who am I?



Some call me tough,

Some  speak of me as proud,

Some address me as exact,

Some point  me as different,

I know not ,

What  am I ?


Few feel I am detached,

Few express I am distinct,

Few share I am coy,

Few remark I am invincible,

I know not ,

How I appear?


I stray as I like,

I work as I wish,

I   think as I believe

I conclude as I decide.

I know not ,

Where I go?


I seldom gossip,

I rarely enquire,

I  keenly observe,

I subtly withdraw,

I know not,

When I sleep?


Poetry In Wood

Poetry elucidates the finer feelings. It is an intoxicating form of literature.The emotions take a gush. The sentiments erupt in velocity. The innate strength accrues a formidable presence in this form of art. The liberal fixtures of poetry gives a freedom of expression and an assuaging tempo to the versification. The rhythm ,and the rhyming notes add enchanting notation to poesy.

Recently , I  came across a wooden marvel. It was a set of mother of pearl furniture. It was nothing but grand. It was something but chaste. It was everything ,encompassing glossary of terms that refer to beauty.The charm was exuberant.The inlaid work , depicted  a peacock dancing daintily  unfurling  its feathers.It was arealistic imagery.

Wordsworth entered a trance when he saw  nature in its glory. The green pastures amidst a mountainous background , beneath the soft blue sky , took him in a swayMore or less , I was subjected to such an experience, though in no way I can compare myself with the great Nature poet. The peacock imagery , was supplemented by the flowery ensemble . The flowers were in a golden hue and the stems which held the flowers were in a silvery shine. The  portrayal was so natural , that the mere glimpse of this  enrapturing exhibit made the heart throb with joy. The sleek workmanship, the choice of wood, the graceful presentation  were sufficient to arouse the soul to transcendetal level.The  size of the exhibits were of  exquisite proprtion , neither too massive nor too small. The heavy structure appears  jarring and the tiny one looks appalingly short of natural existence.The dis played set was a blend of  grace, beauty and harmony , poetry is an aesthetic formulation of metre , rhythm and intonation.

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Grandeur In Magnificence.

I snatched an opportunity to pop into a beautiful mansion, built in the early twentieth century in a a tiny hamlet Kadiapatti , in Chettinad.The family, who owns the house , are our close associates . The father , who is in his late eighties ,is a good friend of my dad. My Dad passed away recently. His daughters , who are in the U.S are more or less the same age of my sister and myself. We used  to spend days together in Chennai and in Madurai , during our  holidays, but never bothered to see this marvellous edifice. 

I usually criss cross the area once in few months, but could not make it to this fine piece of architecture . This time, I resolved to get into the place.As I ienterd into the portals of this ebullient expression, I was struck by the beauty . The chaste, stylish decor,halted  my  forward move. I could not shift my perception.i was astounded.

In astonishment , I  took the next step. More ornate pieces of art were got caught by my eyes..  The  third and fourth steps brought the sheen and glow of the lounge. The mesmerising enthrallment was experienced once I climbed up the seventh step.The  wood work  is intricate and closely designed. The polish is immaculate. The shine in the doors and wood panels are so wonderful. The frescoes are in good shape and the designs are innovative  The entrance doors are decorative. The top part of the doors depict the various dance poses of Lord Nataraja, the dancing God. The side part of the doors are filled with chiselled  images,small rudrashaksas,and the  small wooden pillars with swans atop are fixed to the door enriching the galore.. The  lounge has got  cute  thinnais or raised platforms , with black and white marble flooring . The platforms are enriched by black granite pillars. The lobby has a  balcony atop  , which  has a fine barricade  with stunning , finely crafted wooden banisters. The barricade is held aloft , by the flying horse , painted in white and soft blue. There is also a row of decorative wooden piece of art , shaped as a plantain flower . The sharp edges of this flowers are made of silver.They glisten as the sunlight falls on them.

The furniture in the lounge are in perfect harmony to the place. The wooden centre tables with excellent workmanship,the chairs with elegant stature, and the long chair with  tasteful inlaid work add charm to the decked place. There is also a long, high panel of mirrors  affixed to a frame of exquisite design , which make us gape in wonder.

The pillars and the mirrors are covered  by cloth , to keep them away from dust and rough handling.The lobby ,alone posed  a magnificent  grandeur.It is a peep into the past. It is a resounding echo of the skills of the artisans. It is an imperious adventure of the  ardent lover of art. It is a pursuit of excellence and magnificence.In  a nutshell ,it is ravishingly beautiful.

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Textile Industry- No Growth- Value Abundant.

A large scale erosion has taken place, shelving the once promising textile industry to the back quarters. Textile manufacturing carried a significance in the industrial revolution  experienced  all over the world. It threw  huge employment opportunities. It gave rise to a cluster of high profiled ancillary industries. It proved to be a safe bet to the bankers . It earned in volumes , making the promoter extremely rich , and the worker extraordinarily flushed with funds.

The charm of this cloth and yarn manufacturing process , was lost , when the reflection of high wage structure, high rate of interest, high cost of power, and still higher cost of raw material  loomed large.. The Western countries , once a haven for textile manufacturing, lost its wicket and was bowled over., by these rising claims.

The Indian Manufacturing enjoyed a monopoly for a few decades . The victim of the high inputs was the centres located in North and West. They were knocked down  The industry, turned south. The  Textile sector was flourishing for decades down South , but succumbed to the escalation very quickly, leaving a vast work force bereft of food and finance. The promoters , who once spun money , have run away from the avenue for fear of imprisonment , as their liabilities have mounted so progressively .

The Southern India  Textile show  now ,is the grapple of awesome predictions, mangling cotton parties, manipuating financiers , harried workers, irritated creditors . This suffocation has made the industry , which was a cynosure of all eyes before, as an itching , irksome depiction .

One cool spot amidst  the hot desert is the appreciation of the land which hosts the textile mills, The mills in Mumbai, have assumed a sky rocketting value , as the premises have been drawn to city , duet o  expansion . Land is a rarity in Mumbai. These lands , in hectares were bought at throw away prices  long ago, have reached a high value  that is unbelievable and unthinkable. So , is the proposition down South. A land which was acquired in hecatares for a few hundred , is being quoted in millions and billions. The scenario of manufacturing hubub has assumed the back drop of real estates nad pose an exorbitancy and expensiveness almost unheard of.

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Lessons From The Past.

Learn from your elders,listen to your elders, and live like your elders are the three principles to be  followed by modern day youth to regenerate Nature.

A quarter of a century back , the intensity of life , was immense that each and every happening was twined with Nature. The fashion of plastic , the usage of polythene bags, the disposable polyurethane cups , and plates  had not come into existence.

Each house had earthen pots and large brass vessels to store water.Shopping bags were made of cloth or jute. Large quantities were bought in sacks woven with jute. Cement was packed in a special categorised sack,also of jute. Cups and saucers were of chinaware,or glass, which when broken or when they become too old could be thrown out ,as they were easily degradable. or made of metal like stainless steel, which could be recycled

In parlours and hotels banana leaves  were used to serve food, and other side dishes were served in cups made of palm leaves . They were in course of time replaced by stainless steel plates , cups and tumblers. The plates , cups and tumblers were cleaned and reused. The banana  leaf culture, I understand was the best proposition , as it needs no cleaning, just dumping into the garbage and shoved over. This incurred less or nil water consumption. Another additional benefit was the cleaning efficiency need  not be supervised.

There was store of such vessels in almost every household, as they were required for marriages and other big functions. After every celeberation, the lady of the house , saw to it that all the cooking utensils, serving dishes,were cleaned thoroughly not once but thrice, dried with huge towels, kept in  bright sunshine , then meticulously arranged in the store rooms. After keeping them in order,long pieces of cloth were spread over them to keep away the dust and mites.

There was also a big chest of drawers , filled with carpets , that were used during the weddings. They were ordered to fit the halls of the houses, the raised platforms or thinnais . The colours and designs were matching to the flooring and the paint of the wall, where they were spread. The characteristic peculiarity of each family was illustrated in the combination of colours, in the weaving of designs, and in the selection of utensils. They were a phenomenal array of grace ,distinctive display of choice and  an exposition of chaste  , beautiful illustrations. Once the function got over, these carpets , rugs  were brushed with assiduous attention, with a wet cloth first , then with a dry one, then laid bare to the sun for a few hours. This exposure to the sun acted as a disinfectant . Finally they are folded , and placed in the chest of drawers specially made for them.

These regularities have become   an anachronism in the fast world. Now , we can hire carpets, pillows . rugs, utensils, and even procure ready made food without igniting the stove. This is surely a degradation , not only of nature , but also of self .Using things again and again, that too utilised by the majority pose a severe threat to health.

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Airlines Making Loss

A global loss of 9 billion dollars is blinking hard at the airline industry. Reasons  impacting this huge loss are global recession,cost of government micro regulation,crazy taxation and partners abusing the monopoly  power.Air cargo demand is expected to decline by 17%. Passenger demand is expected to fall by 8%. Fuel accounts for 23% of operating cost.The crude oil fell to 51$ and now has climbed up to 70$.

The industry , which got an abnormal lift  in recent years , is falling into a disorganised shape , as there is no uniformity  among various operations spread all over the world.The partnership and consolidation  worked out well for a few years. Now , there is an assumption of setback, as most airlines have made huge losses in the operating year.

Airlines need the same commercial freedom as most other industries enjoy. To get into the road of prosperity, we need a prosperous trade and a juvenile manufacturing accessibility. It is business which brings in wide travel, and extra circulation of money to sustain the expenditure.When this commercial activity spells gloom , the traffic gets minimised , leading to less flights , which in turn protrudes into lesser income.

The maintenance of this high profile travel cart is extraordinarily high. The salary and perks of  the flight officers, the air hostess’ , the stewards , and the ground staff, also call for a gross disposition of funds. The air tax and air congestion charges,  provoke the operators to charge the passenger a voluminous amount , that unnerves the travellers. The tax portion , is equal to another ticket cost. The wary passenger, shies away from this high handed expense , resorts to other modes of transport.

A comfort becomes a costly nuisance. A strictly positive travel has assumed a negative trend ,driving the enthusiastic persons far away from the vicinity of air travel. Wooing the customer was a difficuly once, but driving them away by spiralling fare has become a facility  easy.

A congregagtion of airline operators should  be called for. The imposition of uniform fare  should be implied. The airlines should cut short their extravagancy in deputing staff by minimising the necessary personnel to a single flight, providing  healthy food , not sumptuous delicacies, and extending comforts not luxuries to the travellers. The timing of the flights will be for a minimum of 50 mins and a maximim of 36 hours. These bouts of travel can be well managed with pleasure  by the promulagation of strong basic amenities well afforded and right diet well prepared.

Will the airlines look into these aspects keenly ?