Lessons From The Past.

Learn from your elders,listen to your elders, and live like your elders are the three principles to be  followed by modern day youth to regenerate Nature.

A quarter of a century back , the intensity of life , was immense that each and every happening was twined with Nature. The fashion of plastic , the usage of polythene bags, the disposable polyurethane cups , and plates  had not come into existence.

Each house had earthen pots and large brass vessels to store water.Shopping bags were made of cloth or jute. Large quantities were bought in sacks woven with jute. Cement was packed in a special categorised sack,also of jute. Cups and saucers were of chinaware,or glass, which when broken or when they become too old could be thrown out ,as they were easily degradable. or made of metal like stainless steel, which could be recycled

In parlours and hotels banana leaves  were used to serve food, and other side dishes were served in cups made of palm leaves . They were in course of time replaced by stainless steel plates , cups and tumblers. The plates , cups and tumblers were cleaned and reused. The banana  leaf culture, I understand was the best proposition , as it needs no cleaning, just dumping into the garbage and shoved over. This incurred less or nil water consumption. Another additional benefit was the cleaning efficiency need  not be supervised.

There was store of such vessels in almost every household, as they were required for marriages and other big functions. After every celeberation, the lady of the house , saw to it that all the cooking utensils, serving dishes,were cleaned thoroughly not once but thrice, dried with huge towels, kept in  bright sunshine , then meticulously arranged in the store rooms. After keeping them in order,long pieces of cloth were spread over them to keep away the dust and mites.

There was also a big chest of drawers , filled with carpets , that were used during the weddings. They were ordered to fit the halls of the houses, the raised platforms or thinnais . The colours and designs were matching to the flooring and the paint of the wall, where they were spread. The characteristic peculiarity of each family was illustrated in the combination of colours, in the weaving of designs, and in the selection of utensils. They were a phenomenal array of grace ,distinctive display of choice and  an exposition of chaste  , beautiful illustrations. Once the function got over, these carpets , rugs  were brushed with assiduous attention, with a wet cloth first , then with a dry one, then laid bare to the sun for a few hours. This exposure to the sun acted as a disinfectant . Finally they are folded , and placed in the chest of drawers specially made for them.

These regularities have become   an anachronism in the fast world. Now , we can hire carpets, pillows . rugs, utensils, and even procure ready made food without igniting the stove. This is surely a degradation , not only of nature , but also of self .Using things again and again, that too utilised by the majority pose a severe threat to health.


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