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Interpretation Of wealth

Wealth assumes a large perception and has a comprehensive curriculum of definition . The literal etymology of wealth indicates money and its accessories , like  gold, property, and stocks . A deep insight into the meaning of wealth  points out to a substantial accumulation of connotations that evolve a genre of invasive and effusive criteria.

Wealth , enfolds a package that escapes the layman’s discretion. It is a beautiful word that has been degraded to the monetary functions. It  is the crystallisation of grace and decor, health and well being, veracity and virtuoso, poise and equanimity, kindness and mercy , sobriety and justice.

An individual blessed with a loving wife and adorable children , possessing wisdom and knowledge , acquiring financial gains and  worthy assets, indulging in peaceful entreaties and programmes, radiating happiness and cheer , is the epitome of a wealthy man.

In  modern times wealth has achieved a  distasteful meaning that of money and valuables. The repetition is to emphasize the material significance that people attribute to it. The narrowed down  pointer of wealth  inflicts audacity  and arrogance, irreverence and ill temperance, impoverished thoughts and conceited scorn.

A mustered effort to wrangle wealth from the stupid rationality should be pushed through . This will emanate a  structural recovery and a competent  resurrection . A broadened credential and a generous magnificence  should  be the outcome of  this procedure. This mechanism of creating an all round  prosperity and progress is wealth.