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Apostles Of Satan

Borrowing liberally  and drinking heavily  are  the two  prime personifications  of the  Satanic cult. A first  attempt is heart throbbing, the palpitation is heard in full blast.The mind  discourages from trying these  conspicuous dreading wishes. Hesitation surmounts, fear holds back,  speedy withdrawal pulls , serenity mulls up. Setting aside the twinging cautions ,  by wreck less entry into the world of dismal  drastic depth of a bottomless pit, from which recovery is a remote rectitude.


The borrowing provacation  becomes so mighty, that restrainment  is unwarranted. The speed of the borrowing is  a fathomless proportion to the acceleration of  rate of interest. It adds , multiplies to the power of n . The Principal and the Interest together propose a vigorous violence  that pronounces bafflement in one hand and apprehension in the other.The infringement, it records is  a terrible disaster.

The heavy drinking is a vicious habit almost similar to borrowing, but far more deep as it afflicts the mind and the body.A sip for company’ s sake is the starting point. The   wetting  of the taste bud , prolongs for a few weeks. Then a peg comes into operation. The bitterness soothes the throat , and drains down into the intestine like a rivulet. This measured partaking  is in vogue for a few more weeks.As  the  confinement dulls the spirit  , the limitless consumption is recognised. Liberalised intake is relished . The perenial inflow ruminates the system , promoting a restlessness ,which derides the physic and rummages the brain. A numbness is experienced , which languishes the analytical faculty and scorns the effectual  implications.

The sway towards Satanic piquancy  is a premonition to an ascertained tumble down and a prefabricated closure  to the well being of the individual.