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Obama In The Muslim World

The President of U.S is touring the Muslim countries. He is holding talks with the King Of Saudi Arabia at Riyadh and conducting a meeting in Egypt, where he will be waxing his eloquence to restore peace and renew ties with the cold introverts.

This would work out into a strategic magnificence, as it is recollects the finer settings and rejects the morbid insinuations.The Muslim world , will also benefit from this attempt , as the radicalism and hostility of United States ,have formulated an uneasy pretense and a riot torn existence.

The coming forward of Obama to address the Muslims at Cairo , its strategic ally , is the best follow up and the surest filtering of  ill will and ignominy.
The world is awaiting the turn around. If the measurements of peace talks work out a perfection , and accurate outfit , then the world would be swayed away by  rejoice and happiness. This is the need of the hour .

Muslim or Christian , Hindu or Jew, all are one and the same in the eyes of God. The religions do not preach hatred , but promote faith in God in a way of their own , quiet different from each other. Modes differ, but the end result is the same. Prayers vary, but the source is the same. Practise may be dissimilar but they converge towards the same point.