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An Uneasy Priority

The past two weeks were clustered with appointments, that have sucked the energy and drained the enthusiasm in me. A host of weddings, betrothals, child shower, all in close succession ,disturbed the routine. The heat  and the travel to one place to another jaunt ,coupled with  feasts and delicacies have  transformed me into a senseless living being.

Last fortnight , was a terrible experience.A quick bath, a dress up in a costly attire , with some jewels on , ensued by a tedious travel covering  a distance of 100 kms., followed by alighting at the venue,walking to the avenue of  the wedding being greeted by friends and relatives, walking to the avenue of  the wedding,proceeding to the dining hall. gulp something  out of fear and haste, then waiting in the wedding hall for the ceremony to get over, finally hop into the car for another marriage. This has been my itinerary for half a month. My body is aching, my tummy is filed with hunger as it has been alienated from the a simple breakfast with a hot cup of tea, the lunch predominantly centres round little rice , broth, vegetables , dhal and pickle , curd and fruits, with the evening turning out to have a slight snacks and a hot cup of tea, as the dinner sums  up with a   modest menu added with fruit juice,retiring a little while with a hot cup of milk.The appeasement of the mind and physic has been totally lost by accommodating these appointments in the activities. It is not a mere adjustment , but a certain accomplishments that renders negative distinctions.

Skipping some would have been a comfortable idiom, but the unnecessary back talks , would have torn the heart. The gossip and exchange of views,make a devastating ravish , as they explore  mostly discordant disharmony.A pleasant conversation ,  swiftly takes a scandalous apprehension , which dispels the rejoice and gaiety prevalent .A guarded talk, a soft smile and a cordial countenance should be forcefully delivered  so as to maintain tranquillity.

A feigned pretension has come to a close. But , I fear , in a short gap another bout will take shape , which is going to drive me mad and exhausted. I am into earnest expectation that I should  find a way out this ordeal .

Shall I pack my bags and disappear from the planet?