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Go With The Tide

Indian subcontinent has limited seasons. The months  March,April , May and June are extremely hot, followed by warmth in July, August and September pleasant in October , November, and cool in December , January and February. Rains are copious in certain areas, medium in certain other pockets and sparse in the remaining places. The climate, is almost the same throughout in this country of diversified cultures, many languages ,various religions.

The amount, time ,energy and travel exhausted  during marriages, shastiapthapoorthis, sadabhishekams  seem to be of an expenditure over and above the prescribed  feeds. The extravagance is enormous, and expresses a differential  facade.India was a primarily agrarian community. The habitation was nestled in  small hamlets. Agriculture is a seasonal occupation.  People had sufficient leisure and adequate funds to indulge in revelry, unmindful of expenses.and indifferent to time constraints.

The sphere of similarity of yester years and the age of industrial growth , is relevant only in this particular  circumvention. The huge anomaly in other salient sectors such as education, exodus to cities, industrial progress, is baffling . Education , now centres round English , as it opens the gateway to lucrative opportunities in India and abroad. The cities are teeming with dense population,while the villages are an exhibit of scarce occupancy and scarier occupation.

In such a situation, the marriages , and other functions should be celebrated with compressed modesty and corrected hypothesis. A vast incongruity in conducting  ceremonies is that of  voluminous engagement of almost a month ,disposed  in the way of inviting, readying the procedural dictates, and a nonchalant throw of wealth in the form of arrangements, preparing of feasts, hiring palatial buildings, decorating the pandals and shaminas, and extending gorgeous gifts. The imposition of grandeur is so elevating , the registration of splendour is so enthralling, the rendition of illuminated coherence is so exuberant , that there is a distinct clearance of  animated diaspora.

The expectation , that every invitee should turn out for the function, the day before the weddings sounds archaic and distracted from modern  utility. angle. Functions should beckon warmth and cordiality, well wishes and blessings, pleasant nourishment and surviving coordinate. They should debar hardships and  prejudice, indifference and demeaning theorems, inconvenience and derogatory issues.

The best proposition is to wish all the best , from the heart of hearts. The two individuals ,who are going to bear the yoke of marriage should assume moral  responsibility and mental maturity to carry on the  promise of life. Let us not try to direct the tide , hither , thither and everywhere.