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Pathos , Logos, Ethos

The disappearance of the Air France plane with 250 passengers on board is  an event of colossal tragedy . The plane was in excellent condition, the pilots were experienced and no snag was found during the take off, yet it is not visible. We fear the worst.The kith and kin are awaiting an official announcement. The play of emotions evolve a mental mindset, impressing that the inevitable has to happen. We gape in awe , and mumble that nothing is in our hands. Everything perfect has turned  into a  collapse of evacuation, a tumble down of rehearsals and a dithering error.

The visit of Obama to  Saudi Arabia is primarily to repair the relationship with that part of the planet.He will discuss mid east peace with the Saudi king at Riyadh.He will also seek support  over the nuclear standoff. The President feels that this is an important opportunity to seek important business He wants to build a moderate alliance with the Muslim nations.This is a logical attempt of Obama to tighten the ties with Saudi , thus enabling a moderate hand shake with the Muslim nations. Saudi has imported$12.5 million of goods from U.S and exported $54.8 million worth of oil.Trade and peace go together.

The  Undocumented immigrants of U.S constitute 26% of the total foreign born population.They  include  Mexicans, Latin Americans,Asians , Europeans, and Canadians.The costs , delays and inefficiency in processing the visa application and work permits have contributed to the increase in illegal immigration.This is a perennial  problem and an extensive error to be reconciled. The deportation  is had to work out, the punishment  to the illegal migrants is  difficult to pronounce, the ordeals suffered while trying to creep in , while attempting to escape from law are horrendous , and the opportunities in work and education is  difficult to be allotted , as they have no valid documents, The children of this unlawful population are the most hit , for no fault of them.

Such ways  the main forms of rhetoric ,affect the persuasion of the day to day issues of life. Literature and its forms   depict the natural occurrences with an  addition of flavour and spicy spread out.