Will My Dream Come True?

The world has in its expanse ocean, mountains and terrains. Men, animals, and reptiles occupy that available space both in water and land. Along with them trees and plants exist extending a habitat to insects and birds. A conglomerate of living organisms defining Existentialism to the word.

Literature is the one which is dear to my heart. The reading expands my thoughts and the writing extends my beliefs. Culture is the twin of Literature. Both grew in the past and grow now hand in hand. Their repository and depository enforce a travel to the realms of imaginative regimes.

Well, I dream of culture. Not only a dream, but an obsession which gnaws me with such a composure that I do not sleep without thinking of the cultural paradigms I experience knowingly or unknowingly.

I own a land of twenty-five acres on the outskirts of my city. It is with me for three decades now. In my prime years,  I manufactured yarn. Had to wind up when the industry was hit hard by the recession.

The land and the building lie vacant. In my travels abroad and during my visit to places in India, I saw many outfits where they promote culture. I really want to do one such project on my property.

The dream haunts me for years. I hatch propositions not once but a hundred times.The pity of it, they never see the light. It is not due to the deficiency in execution, but because of the paucity of funds I confront. I am not able to mobilise. I pause and drag.

In my dream trail, I start a school, being not a regular one, where the children learn by rote and write the examinations. It is a school where the children are let to play, chat, discuss and create. My school will not follow a curriculum, will not have a timetable , and books. Classes will not be segregated All the children irrespective of their ages assemble ,pursue their interest, read the book of their choice, go out , explore and then sit down to pen of what they went through the whole day.

Next , I want to build replicas of the homes of our ancestors.The Tharwad and the Nalukattu of the Kerala Namboodiris, the Mutham, and Thinnai of the Nattukottai Nagarathars of Chettinad, the Goan-style architectural homes and the Agraharams of the Brahmins.

The traditional arts are losing grounds. I like to revive them , bring out their significance  and place them in the entertainment programmes. I propose a schedule-  training on the folk dance of each state,  teaching the martial arts and  the culinary expertise of the communities in my Puradhana- the name of my dream project.

The age old method of pounding rice, sieving them, and the cooking utensils like the brass utensils, big and small, one used in the household and those needed for weddings and festivals should be displayed.  Thrilled would be the present generation.

The practice of extracting the oil by installing chakku or oil machines. A pair of Oxen is tied to the wooden frame and made to go round impelling the machine to rotate. As the rotation gains momentum the coconut filled in the chakku yields and the oil drips. A slow way but certainly a proven method which will ensure a freshness and the longevity of the oil. It is free of chemicals.

The Vedas, a treasure, passed on to us by the ancients are not taught. The Western influence dominates. Sanskrit is a divine language. It is dying. Catch them young strikes me at this juncture.
The younger kids with their memory fresh and enthusiasm overwhelming would in no time master the language under proper guidance.

Cultural Renaissance is my dream. It is not a one night dream but one of a decade.


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Nuances Of Literature.

The nuances of literature
gives a best feature
and lends a stature
great and good in going
amongst the mass in growing
and sends a flowing
with a lively throb
suppressing the sob
enumerating the rob
there comes in a sensation
full of satisfaction
permeating a meditation
that of peace
not in a fleece
but in an increase. nuances


Art And Literature.

An interest in art and literature
is considered a not necessary feature
where the people are bound by money
talking about it as if it is honey
telling the ways to earn interest
without struggling an idea to detest.
Whenever these individuals meet in a place
there comes the assessment of property in phase
adding the appreciation it has undergone
how much revenue it fetches by renting alone.
With that they do not stop their discussions
go on with how much they spent on celebrations
To such people art and literature do not exist
as they are taken through and through by money in and literature.


An Obsession. Costly.

Recasting the whole thing
found many pieces missing.
The important parts are not to be found
The remaining parts did not fit together
Thinking what to do
and how to find the missing ones
landed on a project
of searching for old things.
Well, that became a hobby for some time
and in course of time turned into an obsession.
With the old things in mind
this old hag went about hunting
and while in her exploring era
could find lot of treasures
still holding high value.
not minding the price
as to me they are precious
and above all priceless and hard to get.
bought most of them.
Then stopped for a while
to get time to arrange
the things in a proper set up
and also halted more so for a reason
most binding and most essential
for the accrual to replenish
then would go along the collection spree
much to the chagrin of my family.
This mania I think i got it from my ancestors
both my grandfathers being inclined to art
not only objects but also patrons ofantique music and literature.

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Pathos , Logos, Ethos

The disappearance of the Air France plane with 250 passengers on board is  an event of colossal tragedy . The plane was in excellent condition, the pilots were experienced and no snag was found during the take off, yet it is not visible. We fear the worst.The kith and kin are awaiting an official announcement. The play of emotions evolve a mental mindset, impressing that the inevitable has to happen. We gape in awe , and mumble that nothing is in our hands. Everything perfect has turned  into a  collapse of evacuation, a tumble down of rehearsals and a dithering error.

The visit of Obama to  Saudi Arabia is primarily to repair the relationship with that part of the planet.He will discuss mid east peace with the Saudi king at Riyadh.He will also seek support  over the nuclear standoff. The President feels that this is an important opportunity to seek important business He wants to build a moderate alliance with the Muslim nations.This is a logical attempt of Obama to tighten the ties with Saudi , thus enabling a moderate hand shake with the Muslim nations. Saudi has imported$12.5 million of goods from U.S and exported $54.8 million worth of oil.Trade and peace go together.

The  Undocumented immigrants of U.S constitute 26% of the total foreign born population.They  include  Mexicans, Latin Americans,Asians , Europeans, and Canadians.The costs , delays and inefficiency in processing the visa application and work permits have contributed to the increase in illegal immigration.This is a perennial  problem and an extensive error to be reconciled. The deportation  is had to work out, the punishment  to the illegal migrants is  difficult to pronounce, the ordeals suffered while trying to creep in , while attempting to escape from law are horrendous , and the opportunities in work and education is  difficult to be allotted , as they have no valid documents, The children of this unlawful population are the most hit , for no fault of them.

Such ways  the main forms of rhetoric ,affect the persuasion of the day to day issues of life. Literature and its forms   depict the natural occurrences with an  addition of flavour and spicy spread out.

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Oscar Wilde got wild

I came across a clipping,that spoke about Oscar Wilde’s story sent for publication.

the publisher returned the material ,with a note that it  was not  properly punctuated.

Oscar Wilde got wild,took a sheet of paper and filled it with all sorts of punctuation marks, coma, semicolon, colon, question mark, inverted comas, slash, question mark.

Mediocracy does not recognise brilliance.

Brilliance cannot tolerate mediocracy.

The half baked editors.try to detect mistakes, scrutinise minor flaws, blow it up, proclaim as though they are the best read, best witted,and indulge in harsh criticism  enough to break the hearts.

Oscar Wilde dashed a mocking ,contemptous  record of displeasure.

Punctuations are important, but erring in  not marking them is not a sin.

It may be due to oversight, due to the excitement, due to certain prerogatives.

The comas and semicolons can be added by the editors.

Punctuations ,mostly increase the understanding of  the writing, but do not  add colour and  meaning to the flow of feelings.

Rejection of exemplary materials for lack of punctuation is erroneous and unpardonable.

If Oscar Wilde, had been treated in the same manner ,by other publications, the world would have been deprived of valuable literature.

It would have been an irreperable  loss  to mankind

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All the world is a stage.

Farrell  is at his best,while commenting on Reaganomics Revolution 1981-.2011.

Gramm  is a protagonist.

Apart from the economic disaster, which Farrell points out, I was impressed by his presentation .

He starts with grandeur quoting “All the world is a stage,and all the men and women are players”

He continues ,his write up, by fixing the final act of Reagan Revolution glory days in grand Shakespearean style.

The year is 2011..-he predicts.

He tracks the comedies of the playwright, for analogies but settles in for Hamlet.

Romeo and Juliet  creeps in slowly, but Juliet is transformed into Ethel.

The Reagonomics drama is heading towards a tragi comedy.

Gramm singlehandedly wrecks the crew.

The curtains will be  brougt down.

The finale in 2011 will be a great epic tragedy.

Farrell excels in scripting this story.

True ,

Literature is a treasure house.

You can draw as much you want from it.

Scientists can invent .

Historians can recreate.

Geologists can discover.

Business magnates can create wealth.

Emperors can rule the country.

Politicians can make or mar the nation.

Literature alone can nurture love.

Literature alone can breed culture.

Literature  alone can atone refinement.

You find science, astronomy , banking, economics, history,what not and what else in literature.

You can draw references.

You can find solace.

You can find company.

You can get advice.

You can  also see and experience the inexperienced.