expensive glee Poetry see sigh

The Rare Art Pieces

rare art piecesRare pieces of art 

catch my eye

I wish to buy

the prices being so high

I refrain with a see

that keeps me in glee

I look at those with a sigh

oh! no, the prices are so high.

impostors. Poetry


the financial world commands

there are few demands

art and learning

sculpture and painting

concern not with monetary ethics

they wish to rely on aesthetics

most not understand the sensitivity

they are drawn towards the economics

the deals  of buy and sell  in gross

with that of profit and loss

ascertain a grand entry into society

they walk with an imperial virtuosity

there are few others  in the community

who ape and end up sordidly

pose as great men with interests diverse

little they know how their proportions work inversely

ignorant of the delicacies of art

they  talk about money from the start

such men are a threat to mankind

impostors  in all manner and kind.impostors


Copy -An Art

A copy  turns  original

with creative ideas in elaborate

a camouflage copy


Colour and Words

A poem is a painting
without colours.
a splash of words
with a throw of rhyme.

The painting is in a canvas
an illustration colourful
The eyes relish the art
while the feel is an experience.

Poetry is a writing
an emotional spontaneity A_Poem_about_the_Life_by_Renegar_Kitsune
The read exalts the soul
a representation of the gifted.

Paint and verse need a skill
a nicety and a touch
those of no ordinary talent
a special flamboyance .


Excellence In Exuberance

artistic excellence




Excellence in exuberance

The artistic excellence seen in any area

be it in poetry or painting

much so in music and sculptor

is a studied pain of creativity

The creative skill in each one of us

comes to the brim in an effervescence

carrying with a lot of relevance

that be the outcome of that specific moment.

Gathering all along in the innermost

getting processed in the mind at the full most

growing with the days at the most

the mounted up passion finds its way almost.

Once it gets into the canvas

be it a write up or a poem

be it a recital or a piece of art

the exuberance spills all over .

There we find a masterpiece

the real craftsman’s endearing work

that is going to create a sensation

aspiring to become a legend  in time.


The Genuine Work Of Art.

download (36)The flower over there 

looks from there

blooming in the sun shine

holding us in a  bind.


Having not  thought of attracting

it blossoms with no thinking

delighting the onlooker  great

never once bargaining the rate.


Any work of art might it be

great or small let it be

should command the views

never  advertise any clues.

They be recognised for their merit

get across the board in  credit

let not they be thrown out for propaganda

as that could destroy their agenda.


The  part that which comes up for sale

acquires a look haggard and pale

with  selling becoming the motive

there is no grade in the retrieve.


Bees go to the flower for honey

birds surround the trees for fruits  though tiny

that be the procedure all through

with works of art more true.


The Creative Grandeur

Let be the creativity

 that embraces the infinity

 be it in verse or music

 it appears a mystic

 be it in art or sculpture 

 it mesemerises the spectator

 that creativity is not found anywhere

it being seen not in an ordinary ware

it being thoroughly exclusive in shine

looking exquisite and fine

the  creation be that of God or man

seen through the glasses of plan

there be a selective design and a uniformity

with the structure in all its dimensional credibility

there we see a great verse with a flow

an enchanting recital with a divine glow

a lovely painting that captures the eye

a beautiful sculpture  that forces a buy.

there lies the heart of creativity

be it in God or man  in all its nativity

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Dollars And Cents Count.

With a life governed by financials

having to lock up in accounts

the ease to spend gets curtailed

the thought of buying takes a back seat

with the mind crowded by dollars and cents

the beauty gets going in the reverse

as so the intention to purchases gets faded

while the dollars and cents rule the reign

being a mere paper with a value printed

overwhelms the intrinsic merit of ar

that makes a hastened retreat

lies rusting  on grounds

until a prospective buyer

with no restrictive flow of money appears

buying it and restoring it to glory

such breed is rare in these times of crisis

where economy is in shambles

while food and water is  becoming expensive

there is no place for art and artifacts

while the connoisseur of art

satisfies in getting things seen  alone

where possession becomes a rarity

being expensive and above his (3)




Passion Against Reason.

With an inborn liking for art

I go up and down the gallery

pretending to admire the  primary

adding each one to the wish cart

suppressing the desire to buy

as the spending mounts

and as the buying needs no urgency.

This liking drives me mad

with the mind refraining the buy

the heart promotes the purchase

torn between the dilemma

I stand helpless for a while

a conflict of reason over rhyme  arises

Reason being well based

with a rationality and validitypasson

whatever may be the authenticity

it could not overcome the passion

and I go on with my desire

not minding the monetary pressure.

placing myself once again in credit crunch

with a bulk buying in a bunch.


The Classic

The choice is classic

looking very chic

with the outer frame not thick

while the inner  look  is sleek

grand and great it seems

lively and cheerful it beams

shining and twinkling it gleams

as it expressed a poetic seam

delightfully outstanding

an art piece to be cherishedartpiece

an artist who has to be honoured.