There I See A Write

The prolific writing

evolves out of a thinking mind

that is ever on the move

thinking not less

thinking not  shallow

thinking fathomless

with a clear mind

none the less

the writing talks about

great and small

with an intensity

direct and focused

that renders a write-up

lovely and exalted

standing out of the rest

jumping out of the box

sitting pretty on the inside

there being a fantasy

that ranges far and near

overwhelming the borders

overshadowing the fringes

with an adornment

delicate and exclusive

not seen with a flash

but through the glass

with an imagery soft and colourful

pen writingcheering up the spirit

enlightening the mind

there I see a writing of class

both qualitative and quantitative








The Classic

The choice is classic

looking very chic

with the outer frame not thick

while the inner  look  is sleek

grand and great it seems

lively and cheerful it beams

shining and twinkling it gleams

as it expressed a poetic seam

delightfully outstanding

an art piece to be cherishedartpiece

an artist who has to be honoured.



painting Poem


paintingsThe lovely canvas was painted
and was hung in the living room.
It was a classic work of art.
in a colourful gay hue
enhancing the decorum
restoring the cordial
solicitations that was once found
Paintings bring to light
the memories bright
enlivening the soul
by an impressive flight.

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A Poor Girl Yonder.

Tossing in the bed she lies.

Wrinkling her brows she cries.

Twisting her nose she tries.

Biting her lips she controls.


Up she gets  out of her bed.

Over her eyes look red.

Above she knocks her forehead.

High  she stumbles ahead.


In she walks along the aisle.

Into she  stutters over the trail.

Inside she breaks like a frail.

Inward she flutters as a gale.


Out she rushes out of the gate.

Outside she maintains her gait.


She attains the status of a feature.

She achieves a celebrity in structure 

She embarks as a classical  figure.

Oh! she is nothing more than a poor creature