The Poor Girl

The onus of the girl child

there being a push-off

than father hating her

for no reason whatsoever.

The girl born suffers all through

being cursed by the father

held with affection by the mother

not openly but in the inner heart.

She grows up with the years

second to her brother

who gets all the goodies

she being happy with the remains.

The boy goes to school

no matter he studies or not

the girl is sent to the primary

then drops out considering the family’s poverty.

The girl shares all the responsibilities

the years when she has to play

she spends doing household chores

even goes out to do domestic work.

The little salary she earns

adds to the family’s sustenance

with the father always half drunk

and the mother toiling in the sun.

With little education and innocence

she gets married at a tender age

bears the yoke of marriage

never would her husband share.

Pity is the girl’s life slogging and working

never could she rest for a single day

with the child on her way

praying that she not give birth to a girl.

poor girl


The Law Of The Land.

If there be a law

there are too many flaws

that come and go in ease

as they go about in a tease.


The law of the land

looks complicated and grand

they include clauses and sections

that now have become fictions.


Law, they say is common to all

no distinctions between poor and rich  in all

there is a lot of discriminations

that is the cause of terminations.


What for is law? Query all

when there be no justice at all

while the wealthy go free

the poor get trapped in the spree.


Legality exists in the face

finding nothing else in its place

it continues in books and courts

causing an expense of remarkable note.


That be true of law in modern days

as there are no hitches  in the race

that go to hold justice with great respect

being endorsed by testimony in any aspect.





Down The Lane

Down there goes a car

it is a brand new one

shining black in colour

going behind it were boys

who always love to watch cars

being less privileged  poor ones

they like the sight of cars

and if any new one comes

run behind it to touch and feel

the eyes of these boys

show a dazzle bright

longing to have one such

let them be blessed with tt

wishing them all the opportunities

and means to buy even a better one

Well, that day s not too far

as they are bright and clever

with an aspiration great

be that be this car for the moment.


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Sequential Delivery

poorwealthheap.singingThe world is going ga,ga.
Over nothing ha, ha.

The baby is calling ma, ma.
Not reporting to pa, pa.

The protesters raise a ho ho.
Over issues that indicate a lo,lo.

The singer sings at the top of the pitch la,la.
Modulating his voice at the middle


The vehicles honk beep, beep.
They try to negotiate the traffic deep, deep.

The farmer heads on to his field to reap, reap.
He cuts the stalk and piles them in heap,heap.

The rich amass wealth in tonnes,tonnes.
Their life style stuns, stuns.

The poor slog all through life,life.
Alas! they are destined to a miserable strife, strife.

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A Poor Girl Yonder.

Tossing in the bed she lies.

Wrinkling her brows she cries.

Twisting her nose she tries.

Biting her lips she controls.


Up she gets  out of her bed.

Over her eyes look red.

Above she knocks her forehead.

High  she stumbles ahead.


In she walks along the aisle.

Into she  stutters over the trail.

Inside she breaks like a frail.

Inward she flutters as a gale.


Out she rushes out of the gate.

Outside she maintains her gait.


She attains the status of a feature.

She achieves a celebrity in structure 

She embarks as a classical  figure.

Oh! she is nothing more than a poor creature



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Lady of The Mentally Robbed.

She looked brave and fearless.

Her status was great and righteous.

She volunteered to handle the tactless.

She did with all the more diligence nevertheless.


Taking care of the deranged was troublesome.

She accomplished it with a grace wholesome.

She never complained about her duty cumbersome

Rather she had to toil for nothing awesome.


Willingness  drove her to undertake the work.

Initially  her lack of experience landed her in dark.

The inmates greeted her with a loud bark.

She got accustomed like  a graceful  lark.


As years rolled she became familiar with her job.

She was a genuine aid not a snob.

She created among the deranged a meaningful throb.

No wonder, she was hailed as the “lady of the mentally robbed”

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A Clarion Call

Great be those who mock at others,

Greater be those who humiliate others,

Greatest be those who   provoke others .

Great ,greater and greatest  be not  your call.


Small be those who respect others,

Smaller be those who consider others,

Smallest be those who love others,

Small ,smaller, smallest be your call.


Wealthy be those who make money ,

Wealthier be those who mint money,

Wealthiest be those who print money,

Wealthy , wealthier, wealthiest be  not your call.


Poor be those who  are reliable

Poorer be those who are honorable,

Poorest be those who are  impeccable,

Poor, poorer, poorest be your call.


Distinctions go by your extrinsic status

 Never  by your  intrinsic status,

Following is by your escalated status,

Never by your enhanced status.


Never be cowed down by deceit,

Never be  tamed down by illicit,

Ever  hold  pride as upbeat,

Ever hold  value as discreet.


Thus let your living  go,

Thus let  your practice go,

Thus let your life have a gentle flow,

Thus let you shine with a steady glow.







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Save the Land

Pots and  earthen tableware,

Lovely and less of fare,

Eco friendly and  a fine spare,

Least to be found anywhere.


The clay burnt to certain temperature,

Turns out porous and opaque in structure,

Serves the rich and poor in every nature,

Most so simple and decorative in all feature.


Food cooked in earthen ware is extremely  tasty

Adding an aroma of earth only too savoury,

Ensuing a healthy strain all too easily,

Supplementing an enrichment singularly.


It should be back to the basics,

Falling back to the old style tactics,

Might sound a drift very drastic,

Nevertheless it  should become dogmatic.



Plastics, polyurethane  look so attractive,

They have an unbreakable identity,

Easy to handle is the prerogative,

They give out lot of reaction destructive.


Touch not  the plastic ware with your  hand,

They are symptomatic of hazards grand,

Levying man heavily affecting his gland,

Lying inordinately on land spoiling its band,




(Save the Environment)