The Sun Rises In The East

The east slog

all through the fog spins and blends

builds and blends

makes and toil

all go in a foil

while the west

takes it for a test

sells them on its own brand

Crafted, exquisite and grand

the eastern countries   manufacture

the westerners go off in a stature

that is what  I see in the malls

the eastern expertise gives a  timid call

from where they are in the inner  labels

as the artefacts lay there on the table

Well, it is the pain I experience

as I with moist eyes gather the inference

textiles and  kitchenette,

hardware and other indents

carry the name of the nations

that lie in the eastern destinations.

Do they receive the proper compensation?

or they stay demure with  paltry  intimations.

Gosh!  incidentally the sun rises in the east

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Sequential Delivery

poorwealthheap.singingThe world is going ga,ga.
Over nothing ha, ha.

The baby is calling ma, ma.
Not reporting to pa, pa.

The protesters raise a ho ho.
Over issues that indicate a lo,lo.

The singer sings at the top of the pitch la,la.
Modulating his voice at the middle


The vehicles honk beep, beep.
They try to negotiate the traffic deep, deep.

The farmer heads on to his field to reap, reap.
He cuts the stalk and piles them in heap,heap.

The rich amass wealth in tonnes,tonnes.
Their life style stuns, stuns.

The poor slog all through life,life.
Alas! they are destined to a miserable strife, strife.