The First Cry Of Life

A baby being born

a new life is switched on

there be a cry lasting long

that be the sign of life with a belong.

The cry otherwise not heard

signals a consequence dire in the stead

that be not everything alright

there be an anomaly in sight.

Crying turns out to be a significance

which ordinarily calls for a weakness

that reflecting a sadness and apprehension

being an outcome of strain and tension.

The baby’s first cry spreads joy

the mother looking at the boy

beaming with pride and achievement

that of begetting a child with nourishment.

The baby then sleeps cosily

attended to with great care and easily

as the timely feeds by the mother

proves sufficient appeasing his hunger.

The first cry being really important

as the sound becoming pertinent

representing the evolution of life

also implying the boy’s future strife.

first cry


Mother’s Song

Singing to her baby
a lullaby they say
she sings not from prescribed verse
makes her own song spontaneously
loads them with her feelings
adds her love to the baby
tells how she brought him into the world
speaks of her pains and aches
how she finally gave birth to the little one
a lovely expression set to no musical tune
accompanied by no beat or rhythm
touches the heart of the listener
putting the babe to a sound sleep
the song, no lullaby, tells a lot
a different song with a distinctive tunemother's song


The Baby In The Cradle.

download (53)The baby was sleeping
fast asleep on the cradle
she being all alone
the mother being in office
not away but  at home
she slept still for a time
having woken up
she crooned softly
smiled to herself
played with her legs
getting amused at everything
that came around her
so speaking she was happy.
that being for long
she felt hungry
finding none were around
she cried slowly
then with all her might
as none could hear her
she sobbed and sobbed
went back to sleep  once more


The Poor Baby

The baby with a bottle
was caught in a throttle
as he was sucking the juice
with a forceful  choose
coughing in intervals
download (36)regurgitating in levels
looking teary eyed
and being clumsily tied
feeling uncomfortable all the more
sobbing for his mother even more..


The Cries

While entering into the world the baby cries
To live in this world everyone cries.
Whilstnew born in death man cries


Crawling To The Fore.

Baby-with-iPad-2Little knowing
what he is doing
the six month baby
crawls a distance
sits back in a fold
applauds his feat
with a smile cheerful
looks around to find
what his sister is doing
eyeing her with an iPad
gets to her in a crawl
with a great speed
without a break
gives a blow to the gadget
lo ! breaking it into four.

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The Mysterious Donor

Smiling the two-year old waved at everyone
She was relaxing in a pram soliciting one by one
She with rosy lips and dimple chin gestured
lovely,pram calling all to her.

A grand looking lady took her hand
she ran her fingers through the curly strand
carefully adjusted her slipping band
placed a gift and walked away .

The mother saw the gift expensive.
wanting to know the giver she sat down pensive.
The little one played happily with the toy
unaware of her mother’s turmoil.

Pushing the pram she moved through the crowd
disturbed she walked slowly mumbling loud .
putting things together she was able to unravel the mystery
The donor was none other than her estranged mother.

Actions Care Experience Poem

Unabated Cry.

The babe was crying.
while the mother was sleeping.
Hearing the baby’s cry
the mother opened her eyes.
Rocked the cradle few times
to make the little one sleep in time.
The baby continued crying.
The mother unknowing
at the moment what to do
resorted to feeding in a go.
The lady of the next house
came in swift toes.
Looking at the baby close
she found a small ant in force
biting the baby under the nose.
Smiling she caught the ant red
and put the baby in the bed.

ant biting

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Sequential Delivery

poorwealthheap.singingThe world is going ga,ga.
Over nothing ha, ha.

The baby is calling ma, ma.
Not reporting to pa, pa.

The protesters raise a ho ho.
Over issues that indicate a lo,lo.

The singer sings at the top of the pitch la,la.
Modulating his voice at the middle


The vehicles honk beep, beep.
They try to negotiate the traffic deep, deep.

The farmer heads on to his field to reap, reap.
He cuts the stalk and piles them in heap,heap.

The rich amass wealth in tonnes,tonnes.
Their life style stuns, stuns.

The poor slog all through life,life.
Alas! they are destined to a miserable strife, strife.

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The Loving Grand Pa

Early in the morning there was a sound.

It was not the cock a doodle do.

It was not the clock’s ding-dong.

It was not the baby’s shrill cry.

It was not the bird’s sweet call.

It was not the mother’s shout.

It was not the father’s retort.

It was not the boy’s grumbling.

It was not the paper boy’s cycle bell.

It was not the milkman’s  loud alarm.

It was not the whistling tea-pot.

It was not the hissing shower.

It was, it was, a snore.

Emanating from grand pa.