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Stanzas Irregular.

A wonder yonder

keeping one asunder

restricting the mind’sdownload (63) wander

away very much from the plunder .


There goes the gander

moving with a tender

with the gaiety in render

delighting the vendor.


There flies a slander

baseless but larger

provoking anger

ignited with a fervour.


There  be a warrior

known for his valour

with his armour

marching over.


There  runs  a rumour

about a lady in glamour

who is a paramour

possessing a distinct  flavour.


These are stanzas irregular

about the topics regular

told not in a blabber

but with a pinch of humour.







The Rich Man Over There.

Speeding like a hare
jumping like a monkey
crawling like a tortoise
hopping like a frog
loitering like a cow
kicking like a donkey
galloping like a horse
moving like a cat
running like a dog
oh ! doing everything like animals
the man, another animal
but with reason
behaved antisocial
destroying all things
dismantling other things
debugging the lines
eavesdropping through the gap
peering through the keyhole
sneaking through the open door
hiding behind the cupboard
sniffing through the window
finally escaping through the court-yard
being images (26) a man tall and lanky
worser than all the animals quoted
behaving with shame and disdain
Well! he be the rich man over there

Time and Time Again

Time and time again it has been proved
that sun rises in the east
quoth the man to his friend.
The friend knowing not what to say
nodded his head in an approve.

The man did not leave his friend even then.
He went on with his time and time again
saying that the rivers flow towards the sea.
The friend again agreed without any dispute
trying to find a way to get out.

Going on with his time and time again concept
the man came once again with a version
that the sky is high and far away
The friend was unable to bear furthermore
ran head over heels from the man.

The man did not bother about the friend
He went on with his time and time again theme
putting forth another brilliant idea
that the stars come up in the night.
Simages (77)o saying the man went in search of his friend.

Falstaffian Humour.

The Falstaffian humour
with a kind of rascalism
and with subtle satirical reference
adds to the whimsical in general
serving as an interlude in particular.

The Falstaff of Shakespeare
being a bundle of contradiction
with a large body and
a mischievous humour
is a real enchanting character.

Such humour with a modulation
and with the overture of geniality
is rare to find in this modern world
both in literature and real life
a character with enormous vigour

With a perfect body language
he jokes making others laugh
He being a knave without malice
and a liar without deceit
also a knight without valour.

His wit is quick and sharp .
lending a non-moral humour
ridiculing the ideals of manhood
and criticising the ideas of valour.
tagging them both with irreverence .

Crafting such a person of mirth
combining happiness with humour
fitting them in a structure huge and fat
making him talk with roguish temper
is the ability of the great master Shakespeare.

Hugo’s Go

It was long long ago.
More than hundred years ago.
There lived a man called Hugo.

Hugo had lot of children.
He had a beautiful garden
where the family had lot of fun.

As the children were too many
he could not remember the names of any.
To call them he made gestures funny.

many childrenChildren gave him no trouble.
The family progressed without a stumble.
Hugo became old and tumbled

An Unruffled Mind.

Let it be a tremor.

Let it be a storm.

Let it be a hurricane.

Let it be a revolution.

Let it be an up rise.

Let it be a battle.

Let it be a murder.

Let it be a gory accident.

Let it be an untimely death.

Let it be a disappointment.

Let it be an embitterment.

Let it be unpleasant.

Let it be ghastly.

Let it be  terrible.

Let it be happiness.

Let it be exhilaration.

Let it be a pleasant weather.

Let it be fun.

Let it be entertainment.

If the  mind remains unruffled.

 Then the mind rests in peace.

It revels in joy.

The Loving Grand Pa

Early in the morning there was a sound.

It was not the cock a doodle do.

It was not the clock’s ding-dong.

It was not the baby’s shrill cry.

It was not the bird’s sweet call.

It was not the mother’s shout.

It was not the father’s retort.

It was not the boy’s grumbling.

It was not the paper boy’s cycle bell.

It was not the milkman’s  loud alarm.

It was not the whistling tea-pot.

It was not the hissing shower.

It was, it was, a snore.

Emanating from grand pa.