beat Haiku irregular Poetry treat.

The Storm

The storm strikes

with the most irregular beat

a harsh treat.storm

deliberation. Poetry turbulence

The Storm – Inward And Outward

The storm blows with a fierce sweep

could feel the velocity  as the trees fall deep

could see the fury as the plants and shrubs flew

could hear the whooping  as, doors collapse from the glue

the storm goes up and down in great  force

heaves and sighs with an explode in course.

that be the storm  as seen outward

if it were a storm experienced storm blows inward

imagine the plight and the turbulence

the mind tosses over and over

the heart breaks  into  pieces  with a shriek

tears roll down the cheeks

comes there the splits and torments

the head rolls and spins

a comparison unwanted and  unnecessary

but unknowingly strikes in as if necessary.


Gone With The wind

Gone with a wind

no remnants of  any stormkind

to hold us in bind 

 as they are  well behind.


No trace of them whatsoever

 forgotten forever 

 think of them never

then you become clever.


Flown by the storm

 they are without a form.

lie in the infinity calm 

inflict no harm.


Past is very far away 

no remorse be in the way.

go ahead in gay 

that be the path always.




All Directions.

there blows download (28) a storm in the west

hitting against the shores of the east

crossing north south  in test.


Loss Of Civilzation

A year ago
only a year ago
there was a storm
which came in no form
ravaging everything
leaving nothing
sweeping the whole
there was no hole
fit enough to hide
not in any side
but a mass of devastation
full of destruction
looked as though lossthe civilization
had gone into hibernation.


All Through.

Snow falling know not I
as I am in a hot country
where I see only the bright sun
almost all through.
At times I see storm and rain
Rain pouring incessantly
flooding the roads
invading the towns
making life impossible.
The sun scorches
all day long
extending a sweat
and a thirst
That be the place
where I lived and live.
all through
my life. snow fall.

Actions Experience fatigue feelings laugh


It is a fastidious  vacuum.

It keeps one out of form.

It makes one dull in norm.

 It creates a violent storm.

 Inflicting  a terrible harm.

Causing a desolate charm.



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An Unruffled Mind.

Let it be a tremor.

Let it be a storm.

Let it be a hurricane.

Let it be a revolution.

Let it be an up rise.

Let it be a battle.

Let it be a murder.

Let it be a gory accident.

Let it be an untimely death.

Let it be a disappointment.

Let it be an embitterment.

Let it be unpleasant.

Let it be ghastly.

Let it be  terrible.

Let it be happiness.

Let it be exhilaration.

Let it be a pleasant weather.

Let it be fun.

Let it be entertainment.

If the  mind remains unruffled.

 Then the mind rests in peace.

It revels in joy.

Story subscriptions thoughts Wish

Another Year Dawns

It is going to be another year,

The stroke of midnight is heard clear,

Away goes 2011 in the rear,

In comes in 2012 with cheer,

Pushing back the recession of last year,

Setting aside the bygone days fear,

The year that passes off was loaded with tears,

An outcome which threw all out of gear,

An economic show down   that ran out near,

Upheavals that dethroned dictators  clear,

Wars  shattered the world to a sneer,

Storms ,quakes , floods battered  severe,

Man stands aghast in  turmoil mere,

Another year dawns  in the sphere,

Making him to eye  an empowerment in the veer,

Let he be  blessed with all prosperity this year,

This is the hope for all every year,

Many cross links intrude making things drear,

Yet life goes on in eager anticipation unclear,

This is the story year after year.

What else  do you wish to hear?



Wishing all “A very happy new year”!





Creation Nature Rain thoughts

It was and it is.

It is snowing in the west,

It is sun shine in the far east, 

It is stormy in the top north,

It  is scorching in down south.


Nature has its own way,

Hosting a gale in the bay,

Holding the Sun in a ray,

It has its own say.


Rains play a  terrible havoc,

Initiating an incorrigible flow back,

Quakes shake the  basic track,

Imposing a bloody severe crack.


Storms ravage high and near,

Implicating a casualty dear,

Floods wash up in a rear,

Involving a great fear.


Fire rises in a flaming red,

Installing a feeling dread,

Snow imposes a shred,

Indexing everyone  to a  fled.


Nature goes about thus,

With a lot of fuss,

Provoking a terrifying gush,

Then subduing to a quiet hush.


This had been so for long,

It looks nothing wrong,

It is where we belong,

Much so Nature is a lively song.