amazing Poetry

A Song And A wrong.

Predictions go wrong

diction goes in a song

demonstrations go strong

dedication takes you long

distractions make you do wrong

concentration makes you write a song

be those all in an amazing song

enable you to do nothing wrong.


Me In A Nutshell

I stay calm for long  duration

am rash on occasions

when rubbed on the wrong side

I withdraw  like the tide.nutshell

It is my weakness all say

I do not think that way

I feel it is my forte

I do not wish to float

nor do I intend to bear

as I do not care

whatever be the consequences

I walk past with an indulgence

never to turn again

not even for a gain

that be my attitude

I nurture a lot of gratitude

never I forget the help  I received

never loose track of how I was deceived.

Well, that is me in a nutshell

as I mostly prefer to be inside a shell

Creation Nature Rain thoughts

It was and it is.

It is snowing in the west,

It is sun shine in the far east, 

It is stormy in the top north,

It  is scorching in down south.


Nature has its own way,

Hosting a gale in the bay,

Holding the Sun in a ray,

It has its own say.


Rains play a  terrible havoc,

Initiating an incorrigible flow back,

Quakes shake the  basic track,

Imposing a bloody severe crack.


Storms ravage high and near,

Implicating a casualty dear,

Floods wash up in a rear,

Involving a great fear.


Fire rises in a flaming red,

Installing a feeling dread,

Snow imposes a shred,

Indexing everyone  to a  fled.


Nature goes about thus,

With a lot of fuss,

Provoking a terrifying gush,

Then subduing to a quiet hush.


This had been so for long,

It looks nothing wrong,

It is where we belong,

Much so Nature is a lively song.